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Month: January 2013

BlackBerry 10: The Latest Mobile Platform to Power BlackBerry Phones!

It’s the same yet quite different. In fact, it’s RIM’s new creation. BlackBerry 10 was launched yesterday as RIM’s fresh platform creation first made available on its two latest smartphones—BlackBerry Z10, which is all-touch and LTE-ready handset, and BlackBerry Q10, which flaunts a touch display plus they usual physical QWERTY keyboard. The result is a smarter, smoother, and definitely faster BlackBerry ever. Should I say the Z10 is a sexier BlackBerry, too? 🙂

The launching happened simultaneously in New York, London, Toronto, Dubai, Paris, and Joahannesburg. RIM President and CEO Thorsten Heins stressed that the re-engineered, re-designed, and re-invented BlackBerry offers an “entirely” different mobile experience that will keep users on the go.

BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10


What’s So Special about BlackBerry 10?

Aside from the usual suave features that mark newly introduced smartphones, BlackBerry 10 has a “gestured interface” sure to excite users as they easily discover Disney features like “Where’s My Perry?” and “Bringing Where’s My Water?” Tim O’Brien, Disney Games VP for Business Development, also commented that BlackBerry 10 is sure to be the platform expanding their network of mobile players.

RIM (Research in Motion) Renamed the Company as “BlackBerry”

RIM or Research in Motion announced on Wednesday that it has renamed the  company as simply just BlackBerry. The Canadian phone maker is now officially operating as BlackBerry worldwide.

The company decided to formally adopt the name of its brainchild, the BlackBerry smartphone, as its very own name, consolidating its brand into a single solid global identity. And that should make things simpler and easier to recall mentally, especially to the global market: BlackBerry by BlackBerry.



Now Trading as “BB”

BlackBerry will now trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as simply but also eye-catchingly “BB.” On the NASDAQ however, it will be “BBRY.” All this will start on Monday, the 4th of February 2013.

Not only that. The company also changed its website URL from to In case some people wonder why they’re not connecting to the company website, they’re probably using the old address. And as with the website URL change, so with the email address be in the offing—with the expected suffix.

iOS 6.1 Brings LTE Support to Globe and Smart iUsers; Available Now for Download

The update to iOS 6 is finally out to bolster “iDevices” integrated with LTE features. And that means particularly devices like the iPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini. iOS 6.1 however, still works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, The New iPad (iPad 3), iPod Touch 4G, and iPod Touch 5G. The latest iOS version to date is designed to smooth sail support for new LTE carriers offering the iPhone 5, something that should have been done long before to speed up the use of LTE connectivity.

Philippine Carriers Smart and Globe to Get Support

Needless to say, it’s the LTE connectivity that gets so much interest for iUsers given the fact that not all carriers support such feature on iPhone 5 or LTE-capable iPads out of the box. The Philippines is among the countries where 36 new carriers getting the LTE support are based. Both Smart and Globe were specifically granted with LTE support, and that means we can anticipate both telcos to layout transition plans, like offering new Plan packages not only for Postpaid subscribers but for Prepaid subscribers as well. This goes to say that we can expect price adjustments, data cap considerations and, of course, deciding the target launching date very, very soon – at least for areas outside Metro Manila.

iOS 6.1
iOS 6.1

Other features available on the latest iOS iteration includes downloading individual iCloud tracks in iTunes Match, and the addition of a new button for resetting the Advertising Identifier for blocking targeted ads of ad networks. That’s a welcome users’ privacy option.

The iOS 6.1 is expected to carry over the customary performance enhancements that place the service above its precursor, plus the usual bug fixes.

Check Out These Finance Apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

These days, using smartphones like iPhone and Android phones also mean being more productive in one way or another, as when managing finances in mobile. And for Nokia Lumia users, this was also made possible with a selection of apps for easy budgeting, bill payments, market news and stocks updates, and more. The apps designed for the Windows Phone platform and work seamlessly with Nokia Lumia line of handsets, most of which are free, are now offered at the Windows Phone Store. For curious and excited Lumia users, you may want to check these apps, whose features are summarized below.

Finance Apps for Windows Phone 7, 7.5, and WP 8

Toshl Finance

This free tool is designed to assist users manage their income and expenses daily. Managing the family budget on a regular basis becomes easier with sufficient control on cash flows. Toshl helps users keep the balance of expenses and income in feasible proportions.

How about keeping a comparative history of cash ins and outs? This allows users to weigh and reconsider their cash flows. When traveling, Toshl can also help with currency conversion. And to ensure everything is private, users can create passcodes for money record safety.

Porn Tweets Start Haunting Vine

It was supposed to make Twitter more fun but apparently other users have other things in mind. The new Vine app designed for video-sharing with iPod and iPhone is starting to have porn problems after just less than a week of being online. The use of the new app actually does not prohibit pornographic or adult content; unfortunately, Apple guidelines restrict applications with pornographic items on its App Store.

Twitter Vine Porn

It’s Supposed to be More Fun

The app was given a go last Thursday (January 24, 2013) by Twitter as an additional video-fun feature users can enjoy. They may create six-second clips and share them immediately with their tweets. The unique way the videos run on Twitter makes it more exciting, presenting choice cuts or summaries of whole contents into short and swift clips.

But then other different minded users began using it for posting porn clips drawn through laptops and from some TV programs. Nick Bilton from New York Times had mentioned the fact about the plethora of porn and sex materials being easily available online, insinuating how easy it would be for users to post such videos on Twitter now that Vine is on—and especially without Vine mentioning anything about the matter in its terms of service.

Twitter is known to promote freedom of expression online, but having porn materials on its webpage can also mar its image of being a decent social network site. Vine is intended for “abbreviated” videos of stuff that make life good, like good experiences, exciting moments, happy instances. And Twitter counts on users’ good judgment when translating things that make life good into videos. But apparently, Twitter’s tacit expectation was misread by some.

Twitter Now Let You Tweet Videos Through Vine

Enjoy your tweets more with videos shared directly to your posted tweets through Vine. Twitter recently made official the available use of Vine-powered videos for better subscribers’ enjoyment of their twitter accounts. Vine was even teased by Twitter’s own CEO Dick Costolo using his own Twitter feed before its launch. Less than a day after that, Vine on Thursday, became official.

What’s Vine?

Twitter Vine

Vine is Twitter’s stand-alone iPhone app for video sharing on Twitter’s site. Twitter users can now share clips or videos six seconds long as tweets. These clips or videos play within tweets on a loop. Vine is now ready for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, available for download in iTunes App Store. Twitter reportedly plans to make the app available for more platforms.

The Vine app allows users to shoot six-second videos to be embedded in tweets, the same way photos are. The clips loop considerably, and are really more like a simple GIF creation tool rather than an actual video app. Vine’s history goes back to October last year prior to Twitter’s launching of the Vine product. But then, eventually the app fell into users’ hands anyway before long. Vine was then purchased by the popular social network company.

Cherry Mobile Omega and Its Long Awaited Features

From erstwhile hypes, it was said to be a mega hit. Now that it’s finally here, immediately apparent are its effulgent design, smooth and fast processor power, big display, plus good battery life. At first glance, the Cherry Mobile Omega impresses you as a fine-featured, though a bit predictable, smartphone model. But then on closer look, there’s definitely more.

Cherry Mobile Omega Specs

It’s 3G capable of course for best mobile internet experience and fitted with Google’s Jelly Bean software out-of-the-box. Just you know, Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) is a definite improvement of its earlier version, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Omega is actually a dual-SIM and dual-core smartphone with a large 5.2-inch display. The large display makes checking and sending email easy and the same goes for browsing the net and watching videos or viewing photos by simply holding the Omega mobile in your hand.

Cherry Mobile Omega

On top of the 5MP main camera, there’s a front camera that allows you to do some video chat, operated using an ably VGA snapper. Also under its hood is 4GB of internal memory and a 512-RAM, not to mention its flexible memory card slot that allows you to expand storage up to 32GB. And the price? Just imagine getting all the mentioned smartphone goodies for just Php 6,699 – either in Black or White. Not bad for the newest Cherry Mobile phone, eh?

Apple iPhone Mini to Follow Suit iPad Mini this 2013?

A different kind of iPhone for 2013—that’s what many smartphone enthusiasts are thinking of buying this year. And you may be one of them. Well, the iPhone Mini is probably what you want. And here are probable reasons why.

Super Affordable but Unique

The Apple iPhone Mini rumored to be either on Apple’s drawing boards or ready to be out sometime this year, is said to be very affordable and yet having some features yet unknown in the world of smartphones. Across the globe there is this talk about a “cheap” iPhone coming out soon and christened the iPhone Mini. It is said to have been in the making since 2009.

iPhone Mini

So, what are the implications of a cheap iPhone in the Philippines? For one, people here may worry less about bringing with them out in the streets a super expensive iPhone that may cost them their lives once mobile phone thieves take interest in them. 🙂 It’s easier to let go off a cheap iPhone during a stickup. Another, it can be some sort of equalizer; smartphones will not have to divide folks between the rich and poor. And iPhones being confiscated in class won’t be that big a deal anymore for students. No, I’m just kidding about that. Really! 🙂

Seriously, cheap but extra functional phones in 2013 will get the needed features into more hands and make life and connections for many folks in the country much easier, more convenient, and affordable. Not to mention being in style.

Everything Transforms with an HTC Butterfly; Available Now in Philippines for P32,190!

Word is that units of HTC Butterfly are already available in some local HTC Concept shops across the country at a SRP of Php 32,190. Known as the GSM variant of HTC J Butterfly launched in Japan back in October last year, the HTC Butterfly is the Taiwan-based phone maker’s newest flagship smartphone.

So what exactly this phone has to offer? Well, just put it this way. Imagine 2.1MP front and 8MP rear cameras working in harmony as you take pictures to capture life’s greatest moments in a flash. These, plus more! HTC Butterfly will alter the way people view and hear the world around them—in clear, vivid captured scenes supported by astounding sound quality. That is what makes some people desperately desire to put their hands on this gadget pronto! Responsible for the salient visual feature is its 1080p full-HD and 5-inch sized Super LCD 3 touchscreen display; and responsible for its sounds is an exclusively fitted amplifier for Beats Audio experience.

The chic body design is intended to fit snugly into any hand and the first-rate technology is intended for incredibly fast performance made possible with the Snapdragon Quad-Core processor, ticking at 1.5GHz! Here are some of the bragged-off features in summary.

HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly

Display Quality

With the attractive 1080p full HD, 5-inch display — viewing movies, videos, pictures, and even TV shows would be a smashing eye-delight. Moreover, the mind-blowing 440 PPI display ensures the production of a rich, vibrant image quality.

Image Quality

The dual front and rear cameras seem to make sure no picture detail escapes from the lens. And fit more subjects into the frame with the ultra-wide, 88-degree, front angle lens. The timer ensures picture-perfect shots even for yourself. Picture quality is attributed to the HTC Media Link HD and 1080p HD resolution. This makes certain image quality is intact whether it is a video transfer to a huge TV screen via DLNA or HDMI, or picture sent while chatting.

High Apple Sales But Why are Investors Upset?

Though Apple iPhone sales hit a record high recently, investors think it could have been better. Sales even hit higher than earlier estimates especially when Apple stock catapulted after releasing on Wednesday its earnings for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2013.

Apple shares (Nasdaq: AAPL) plummeted some 5 percent during post-hours trading. However, when trading was closed in New York, Apple stock totaled $514.17, up by 1.86 percent. Observers were surprised at this trading outcome. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, remarked that no other company dealing in gadget technology has ever had this kind of result.

Sales Should’ve Been Higher

Reportedly, Apple sold a total of 47.8 million units in said quarter, almost 10 million units more than their 37 million units sold the first quarter one year ago. But no matter this performance, investors felt Apple should have pushed for selling 50 million units of iPhones instead. They were uncertain about hearsay on iPhone sales and parts until the company finally came out with its plausible earnings reports. It even turned out, Apple was coming out with a new iPhone in June.

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Get Sharp with SH530U, SH631W, and SH930W AQUOS Android Phones!

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