Cebu Tech Blogger, or CTB, talks about gadgets, computers, the internet, apps, software, and any tech-related stuffs. Cebu Tech Blogger is a homegrown tech blog from Cebu, Philippines, with an advocacy for technological awareness particularly to Cebu locales and the Philippine tech and gadgets enthusiasts.

The main objective of CTB is to provide the latest news about technology and gadgets, social media, computers, and the internet in general.

Early beginning of CTB mobile layout as seen on HTC Desire in 2010

Early beginning of CTB mobile layout as seen on HTC Desire in 2010

But this is not the blog to compete the bests of the web, most of which are run by multi-million dollar media companies in the west. What differentiate CTB from any other technology blogs outside the country particularly those in the US, those blogs actually don’t talk much relevant to the Filipino people. And that’s where CTB comes in – scouring for tech stories that would be of the interest of the Pinoys. Of course CTB also aims to become a reputable source of tech news, that’s why if necessary, CTB links to news portals and other sources. If press releases are sent to us, it’s either embedded or linked at the end of the post, but we actually give our own opinion for transparency. Yeah, we agree – press releases are sometimes biased.

As a primer, CTB was founded in April 2009 by an aspiring technology geek and internet freak in the name of Bert Padilla. This was his answer to the Great Recession which sharply turned down the global economy in September 2008, which threatened to loss his job in the electronics industry. In 2010, Cebu Tech Blogger became one of the top technology blogs in the Philippines, and is recognized as a tech blog from Cebu City with regular updates and personal commentaries, establishing a new brand in the local blogging community. This blog is one of the two finalists for the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas, Technology category.

In 2011, a local awarding body Best Cebu Blogs selected Cebu Tech Blogger as Best in Technology and a recipient of (Cebu Bloggers Society) CBSi Choice Award as well.

In September of 2012, CTB was selected as Blogger of the Year Finalist for Cebu Media Excellence Award spearheaded by Globe Telecom.