139-dollar Amazon Kindle? Not anymore. Amazon announced they are going to sell the Wi-Fi version of its popular eBook Reader, the Kindle, $25 less than its current price tag.

That means you can get the original $139 Kindle just for $114. But there’s a catch though. The new deal comes with “special offers” in which Amazon will display Adverts on Kindle’s UI, just in the home screen or as screen savers. In that way, the Ads definitely won’t be intrusive while reading your favorite eBook.

This ad-supported Kindle will be available on May 3rd, but you can pre-order it as early as now. No words if Amazon will release the same ad-supported units of its 3G counterpart as it’s still priced at $189. Sounds a good deal though for the Wi-Fi version and that leaves you a choice. What ‘ya think?

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