Bert Padilla is an aspiring technology geek and internet freak from the heart of the Queen City of the Southern part of the Philippines. Started his online journey as a tech blogger in 2008, he later become passionate about startups and kick-started TekWorx through its ventures AdWorx and BlogWorx.

Geeks on a Beach Boracay

At Geeks on a Beach Boracay (2015)

During the early years of Cebu Tech Blogger, Bert was also working as a Board Repair Specialist for a global leading Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) company, Teradyne — which he had tenured for 5 solid years since mid-2007.

With Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson (C); Netsuite Press-con in Makati

Prior to Teradyne, he’s been working for another tech and electronics company, Lexmark — his first ever company to work for during apprenticeship in 2006 and right after college in early 2007.

With Intel Phils. Country Manager, Calum Chisholm: Sandy-Bridge Launching
In March 2012, Bert quit his job at Teradyne to do full time blogging and freelance Ad Operations (#AdOps) works. On the same year, he founded TekWorx Mobile and Web Services, a startup digital agency for Publishers and Advertisers.