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Author: Phillip Joanino

A self confessed gadget enthusiast, Phillip Joanino is a Registered Nurse by profession. He graduated with BS in Nursing from Centro Escolar University in Manila, circa April 2013. He's a certified Apple fanboy, the go-to person when it comes to the latest tech updates and knows the hippest and trendiest places and events around the Metro.

What makes Phillip an Apple fan boy? Currently, he's got a Black iPod Nano 3rd Gen, a White iPad with Retina display, a White iPhone 4S, a Gold iPhone 5S and a 13-inch Mid 2013 MacBook Air. He's also got a BlackBerry 9700 on the side, as well as a Intel Core i5 Samsung QX-410 notebook.

Experiencing Globe’s Internet Fair Usage Policy in Real Time; How to Reach it and What Happens When You get “Capped”

I have been a Globe UnliSurf subscriber for 2 years now with my postpaid account, and another year with Globe’s BIS or BlackBerry Internet Service on top of that. But with over 3 years of being with Globe’s mobile data service, I have never heard of their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on internet surfing plans until very recently, when they started enforcing it strictly.

Globe FUP Page

I consider myself as a moderate to heavy mobile internet user for social media and personal purposes: I always find myself refreshing my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed at least twice to thrice an hour throughout the day. I also use it for quick web browsing and youtube video streaming. My data services are turned on almost all the time even at home — I only turn it off whenever I’m outside my house and i need to save up my battery life. I also use my phone’s data services to tether internet to my laptop whenever i’m not home, which happens almost every other day recently.

Globe’s Internet Surfing Fair Usage Policy Explained

A lot went berserk last week when Globe Telecom announced that they will start strictly enforcing their Fare Usage Policy (Read Globe’s FUP here), to ensure fast and reliable mobile internet service, according to the telecommunications company. What this means is that subscribers who availed to these called “Unlimited” surfing promos would be throttled to slower speeds (Read: 2G) once they reach Globe’s pre-determined cap.

Globe FUP

In an infographic tweeted by @talk2globe, Globe explained that only 3% of their data subscribers will be affected, labeled as Heavy Data Users. Meaning, the remaining 97% don’t use that much data, not reaching the 1GB/day or 3GB/month cap. Once subscribers reach the 1 GB data cap per day, they will be throttled to 2G speeds equivalent to up to just 64 kbps, until the end of the day. They will then be shifted back to 3G/LTE speeds after midnight. As for those who reached their 3GB per month cap, they will be shifted back to their regular browsing speed on the first day of the following month. In example, if you reach the 3GB cap during the first week of February, you’ll have to endure 2G speeds for remaining days of the month.

LG Optimus L1 II Tri now Available in Brazil: Triple SIM, Anyone?

LG just released a new cute and small feature phone that is now available in Brazil, the LG Optimus L1 II tri. The name might a handful with numbers, but the this feature phone is capable of handling 3 different SIM cards, and users can easily switch between them in just a press of a dedicated button on the side. More details after the break!

LG Optimus L1 II tri

Coming in Pink, Black and White color options, the Optimus L1 II tri is priced at about $127 or about Php 5,700. Other specs include a 3 inch display, 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of ROM, Android JellyBean 4.1 and a 2 megapixel camera with a “cheese shot” feature, capable of taking photos whenever the user says “cheese”, or any predefined word.

LG G Pro 2 Features 13MP Back, 2.1MP Front Cameras; UltraHD 4k Video Recording

Last week, clear photos of the upcoming LG G Pro 2 leaked, confirming the device’s large screen, as well as the placement of the similar rear button found on the current LG G2 flagship.

LG G Pro 2 backThis time, details on the device’s camera surfaced, detailed by the social division of LG Electronics Korea. According to the Press Release, the upcoming LG G Pro 2 will be sporting a 13 megapixel back camera, plus a 2.1 megapixel front shooter.

MediaTek MT6592 True Octa Core Chip Consumes 42% Less Power Compared Competitor’s Quad Core Chips

In a video posted by Cherry Mobile on their official facebook page, the top local mobile brand showed an interesting footage about the “true octa core” chip by their long time partner, the ARM-based SoC manufacturer MediaTek. Catch the details and the video after the break!

AnTuTu current consumption

The video posted by Cherry Mobile is in lieu of their latest flagship, the Cosmos Z2 announced yesterday during their #WeAreOnFire event. The 47-second short video shows a test comparing MediaTek’s true octa core processor power consumption with their competitor’s quad core chip when executing programs needing high CPU loading AnTuTu. 

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1, Octa Core Phones Head-to-Head Specs Comparison

Last month, Starmobile announced their first ever phablet featuring an Octa core processor, the Starmobile Diamond X1. Cherry Mobile on the other hand announced the CM Cosmos Z2 just today during their #WeAreOnFire event held at the Hyatt Hotel, also featuring an octa core chip. We here at CTB loves a good healthy competition, so we have decided to put a little head-to-head specs comparison of these two octa core running phones by our local mobile players. Catch the details after the break!

OctaCore battle

First things first, to be fair, we have not yet tried the Diamond X1 and the Cosmos Z2 ourselves, so this comparison will depend mainly on the phones’ official specs and features, printed on sheets!

Cherry Mobile Announces Cosmos Z2, 5-inch Octa Core Smartphone Upgradeable to Kitkat 4.4

While all eyes are on the Titan Pro featuring a Gesture Pen by Cherry Mobile, the top local mobile player also released 2 other phones during the #WeAreOnFire event at the Hyatt Hotel, an Octa Core phone upgradable to Android’s Kitkat 4.4 come March! More details after the break!


Dubbed as the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2, the device sports a 5 inch full HD touch display up front. Under the hood, you’ll find a fast 1.7GHz octa core processor with a whooping 2 GB of RAM, making it the company’s first octa core device. Other specs include an 18 megapixel main camera and an 8 megapixel front facing shooter and dual SIM support.

Cherry Mobile Titan Pro Officially Launched! Coming on 2nd Week of February at Php 10,999

Cherry Mobile released 3 exciting devices today during their #WeAreOnFire event held at the Hyatt Hotel. One of them is the mobile local player’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro.


Weeks ago, Cherry Mobile teased us with the device featuring a Gesture Pen through their official Facebook page, and then later on unveiled the device’s official name. But like we mentioned above, Cherry Mobile has officially launched the phone, together with the official specs, details and pricing.

Flappy Birds, the Latest Game Craze Everyone is Talking About

Move over, Candy Crush, as there’s a new game craze taking the whole world by storm, Flappy Bird. We tried it ourselves, and it is annoyingly addictive.


Developed by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen published under .GEARS Studio and is available for iOS and Android devices, Flappy Bird has a very simple objective. Fly endlessly without hitting the obstacles in the form of green pipes. All you have to do is tap the screen for the cute yellow bird fly, then tap again as it goes down for him to fly up again.

Samsung outs S4 and S4 Mini Black Edition plus LaFleur Models in Russia

We all know Samsung as a global company for innovations that are shaping the way we use technology on a daily basis. But we also know the korean tech giant as the company who loves making new chic variants of their previously released smartphones.

Galaxy S4 Black

Last week, we reported about the red Galaxy S4 La Fleur coming by March despite the announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship happening very soon. And now, a new variant of of the current Galaxy S4 flagship saw daylight, thanks to Samsung Russia.