Just recently, Bayan Broadband started to offer a new wireless internet plan on their CMDA network starting at Php699 per month- a lower price compared to Globe and Smart.
The service utilize a USB dongle similar to Globe Tattoo or Smart Plug-It. But it’s EVDO not 3G. (EVDO stands for Evolution-Data Optimized, a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access).

Bayan Broadband

Another plan for this broadband service is the Plan 512, which cost Php999/month @ 512Kbps. Sir Yuga of Yugatech.com revealed that what Bayan Broadband claimed to be “True Speed“, is more likely to be real. I personally don’t have the chance of doing a Speed Test since the service is not available here in Cebu. The speed test conducted using 2Wire and Speedtest.net, showed a promising speed approximately 512kbps! But if you think this is always the case, do try to check also the signal strength of your location.

I wish we could have Bayan Broadband outside NCR region, but I guess it’s unlikely to happen, at least in the next few years. What do you think?

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