As a blogger, it is important to know why Pinging a blog is necessary as part of the SEO.
If you don’t have much idea about Ping, simply put that a Ping is just a push mechanism notifying several servers that your blog has new content or has been updated.

Some blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress automatically ping several services available. Using other ping service like that of Ping-O-Matic actually provides guaranteed results, but sometimes it need for us to do manual ping to other number of services. It’s time consuming though, so better to find another alternative tool that will always do the job automatically.

I found Blog Buzzer last week and I’m excited to share this with you. BlogBuzzer is just a free web-based service that pings blogs to the popular blog directories and search engines. That’s more or less 60 top search websites that will be notified about your blog. Using this service is very easy as you’ll only input your blog URL and the name of your blog. At a single click, several popular sites will be pinged. Thus, you are also guaranteed that your latest blog updates will be indexed on search engines.

I mentioned that it’s better to find an alternative tool that will ping blogs automatically. Well, that’s right. BlogBuzzer offers premium subscription in which it automatically checks blogs in an hourly basis to see if new blog posts have been published. And if so, it pings them.

Why don’t you give it a try? Ping your blog now!

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