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Cebu Tech Blogger Giveaways

From now on, you can see a dedicated page for giveaways run on this blog or giveaways from other sites which need participation from any online community.

This is to have a more organized and accessible location on this blog where regular and new visitors can check what is the latest products being given away, or even check those giveaways in the past. Of course, this will include mostly software giveaways, or even gadgets and other freebies. From time to time, this post will be updated with links to specific pages in which a particular giveaway was announced.Interested sponsors for giveaways are welcome. Just head to our contact page so we can arrange and schedule your giveaway. For visitors, fans, and subscribers of CTB – you can always check this page just in case you missed the daily updates. Or if you have anything to say, just leave a comment below.

Last updated: Monday, July 16, 2018
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