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Cebu Wetland Resort

Want to experience an unusual boating? How about hook fishing? How about eating dinner with a bottomless option for as low as Php350? Want to have a date or a picnic under mango trees?

The Cebu Wetland Resort just recently opened with simple package. For Php350 per person, you can enjoy riding a pedal-driven boat in which you, yourself can maneuver the route within the pond.
You don’t have to worry about crocodiles; heck, it never exist in that place. Only the most common Tilapias in which you will pay for Php180 per kilogram if you hooked it up. There are also floating restaurants for your dinner comfort. A band will serenade with country songs and jazz. But of course, you can request for your favorite music. Want to have a date or picnic? Then this place might suit your like!

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  1. rachael rachael

    hi,,just wanna ask the number for wetland office if u know?…tnx…:)

  2. elli23cool elli23cool

    Hi! How much is the entrance fee for their swimming pool day use only?

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