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Osmeña: Cebu will get cashless payment system for BRT

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña shared via his official Facebook page that Cebu will be the first in the country to use a cashless payment system in its mass transit BRT system.

In his post, he also divulged that the BRT Card can also be used for other purposes such as paying in convenience stores, supermarkets, taxis, gas stations, movies, and restaurants.

He shared further that the BRT Card is safer than credit cards since this will not link to other personal information. Users can use the card as a photo ID which can also be activated remotely through a website.

He added that parents can get a special card that will track their children’s expenses and top these up remotely. Cards can be topped up from a website, automated teller machines, or via establishments that accepts these as payment.

It is also foreseen that a system will be developed so smartphones can be used instead of cards.

The Cebu Bus Rapid Transit System is expected to be available in two years.

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