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Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone

Experts say that in the future we will be wearing these electronic gadgets and 40 years past that future we will incorporate these gadgets in our biology, making us bionic humans. But for now I think we can settle for wearable watch phones, especially the latest one from Cherry Mobile dubbed as G1. Known for offering affordable handsets, this G1 Watch Phone from Cherry Mobile is also very cheap and is priced at Php2,599 only. Forget about accessing the Android Play Store or iTunes stores because the operating system (OS) of this device is not upgradable. However, it does have all the basics that you’d look for in a smartphone, including features such as sending SMS, making outgoing and receiving incoming calls, playing music and videos, storing files, taking photos and videos, and leveraging on Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity.

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone


Essentially, the Cherry Mobile G1 watch phone looks a lot like those entry level phones produced by LG, Samsung and Nokia few years back with their tiny QUERTY keypads, but the watch phone also has features reminiscent of Casio’s G-Shock technology and of course the rubber strap and chrome buckle. So if you’ve watched most of the James Bond films where it allowed him to communicate with his colleagues using his watch, make stuff explode or cut through metal with the ridiculously high-tech built-in thermal laser, then you’ll know what I mean when I say “it feels a lot like that.” Well, except for the laser and blowing stuff up because as far as I know the lithium-ion battery’s maximum explosion effect is that of a fire cracker and its power can’t supply enough bolts of electricity to any lasers that cuts through steel. The G1 also sports a dual sim function, 1.44″ TFT Touch LCD w/ Slider Key+D-Pad and an FM Radio.


Of course it is already a given that this kind of phone runs on a single core processor and is really not that relevant to talk about; however, if you can’t get much about what’s inside the watch phone for Php2,599 — you would settle for what’s on the outside. And what is the first thing that you look for in a smartphone? Yes, of course it is the display. Well, it’s not a 1080p kind of resolution but it is decent enough to look at some pictures and videos, so it’s basically a digital watch on steroids.



Basically the watch phone does well with music, pictures, and videos but don’t expect too much from its GPRS feature as the internet causally fades in and out like those lengthy TV novellas. Phone calls are good as well, the overall design of the phone has been aesthetically pre-meditated and yes, it’s something that you can be proud of. I mean, at least you’re one of the few whose got it, right? Everybody is already so spoiled with the norms of electronic gadgets that it gets boring sometimes.



In terms of technology and price, the Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone is commendable and adequate by my standards. And did I forget to mention its wearable tech is not so mainstream as of the moment? Utility-wise and being a novelty item, it scores a 6.5 in my tech meter but most of its features are recycled tech. Although it did not remain in incubation in Cherry Mobile’s R&D it is an acceptable compromise considering it has a relatively cheap price tag to it.

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