This is it! I finally have decided to move CTB from Google’s blogging platform to the open source WordPress.This is one of my biggest decisions for this year as far as blogging is concerned and I believe with this move I can provide a better blog to CTB readers, with features built to it which I can never imagine possible in For those who aren’t really that particular with some of the blogging stuffs, migrating from to a self-hosted WordPress blog is a challenge for me because CTB has been online for almost 3 years already, and as of this writing the blog has more than 1,300 posts in the archives. What exactly that means is moving such a little bit huge blog from Blogger to WordPress is tricky ‘coz I’m thinking of accidentally taking down the blog itself, or possibly breaking every link indexed in search engines or those links coming from other sites. If you’re into blogging you might think of migrating from Blogger to WordPress just simple as hitting that export and import functions in both platforms; but no, stuffs in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like PageRank, Alexa Rank, RSS Feeds, and etc. still concern pro-bloggers when moving a blog from one platform to another. What I’m trying to say it’s a challenge how you can migrate a blog from Blogger to WordPress without dropping ranks and stats or breaking every single link and etc. And that’s all what I tried to figure out in the past couple of days, and finally – thinking I’m confident enough I can do the move, I’m doing it now! It would cost me US$500-700 if I hire an expert web programmer to do this, but I thought it’s just too expensive shelling out such amount for a job you can actually learn in a span of 3 days (I’m not an expert web programmer). 🙂 You probably would have trouble reading this article in the next 24-48 hours due to some server issues, but rest assured everything will be back to normal. I’ll be tweaking the site from time to time including the theme, install several plugins and other stuffs which I think should be on the blog. Again, please bear with me while I’m still doing all these stuffs and hopefully regular posting will resume in a day or two. Thanks for understanding and looking forward to seeing you here in CTB come 2012 and beyond! Happy New Year everyone!