The latest game craze everyone is talking about all over the world may have taken mobile gaming by storm, Flappy Bird. But, in a more shocking news, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen announced that he’s pulling the plug on the game dubbed as the “Drug of the App Store”. Catch the sad details after the break!

RIP flappy birdJust a week after Flappy Bird hit the world wide phenomenal success, its developer Dong Nguyen announced on twitter that he is indeed taking the game down from the Apple AppStore and from Google Play as well, effective 1 am in Philippine time.

I cannot take this anymore” is Dong Nguyen’s reason why he’s taking down the game, and has no plans in selling it either. Flappy Bird received mixed critical responses, from fun, enjoyable and addicting in a good way to annoying and stupid. He was even accused of ripping Nintendo off for the Super Mario-esque backdrop. But these responses gave Nguyen ad revenue to up to $50,000 on a daily basis.

When officially taken down, Flappy Bird will disappear from the App Store, but it will remain your devices forever (granted that you have already downloaded the app), unless you delete it. In case you still haven’t well, you still have time.

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