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DIY Outdoor 3G/HSPA Wireless Signal Booster for Home BroadBand Internet

I recently had a conversation with my former instructor on PIC Microcontroller Programmming back in college regarding his DIY (do it yourself) project, an Outdoor 3G/HSPA – WiFi Router. Basically, the project aims to build a Wi-Fi hotspot out from a limited signal available from a cell site on specific location. The project works similarly to commercially available mobile hotspots, also called as MiFi devices. Here in the Philippines, these devices come as “Smartbro Pocket WiFi” from Smart Communications, “Tattoo Pocket Wi-Fi” from Globe Telecom, or “Sun Broadband MyWiFi” from Sun Cellular.

3G,HSPA to Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Regardless of which network you are, these pocket Wi-Fi devices work just fine, as long as it receives pretty decent signal, allowing you to share internet connection to other devices in the area.

Some technicians offer the service of building this outdoor 3G/HSPA Wi-Fi router, unfortunately, what I’ve heard of the rate go as high as Php 15,000 for a single installation. The good thing is you can do this yourself at home, but please note that even doing this for “personal” use seems to have no legal implication, takes NO responsibility for any trouble you may get into. 🙂 We’re only sharing this for information purposes only, with full credit to my former college instructor, ECE Samuel Rebosura III.

DIY: Outdoor 3G/HSPA – WiFi router

By: Engr. Samuel Rebosura III

Our only internet access is available via mobile broadband or GPRS. My house is approximately 2.5 km from the Globe cell site which is 3G/HSPA+ capable. You can avail the 3G or HSPA+ signal but unluckily only outside your house or setting up the modem outside your window.

The goals of this project are:

1. Low cost and availability of the equipment in local stores.
2. Ability to operate outdoors at 40C and in rainy days.
3. Optimized bandwidth and less data loss.
4. Share the mobile broadband internet to more than 10 users. 🙂

Equipment needed:

1. Huawei 3G/4G USB stick, I recommend models E357 and E353. My setup is using E357.
2. 3G/4G Wireless AP/Router – I am using Tenda (3G150M) portable 3G/4G router. You can also use TP-Link (TL-MR3220) and CDR-King (CW-3G53). I prefer to use Tenda router since I am after the size and it comes up with a 5 volt external power supply.
3. 3m USB extension cable
4. Microwaveable plastic sealed container or any enclosure that fits the router plus USB modem.
5. 10ft 1/2 diameter GI pipe for the tower and Gauge 15 iron tie wire 1/8 kilo.
6. Optional: 10m UTP cable and AP/WIFI Router, If you want to extend the coverage in all corners of your house. 🙂

You may read the complete DIY documentation by browsing through the Previous-Next buttons below.

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  1. Boboy Campos Boboy Campos

    Can this set-up also improve the calls & text messaging of my globe cellphone?

  2. Margallo Arwin Margallo Arwin

    hi po! pwede po ba kayo mag post ng diagram para mas malinaw kung san ang mga connections.

  3. aL aL

    Hello Bert, You posted this almost 2 years ago. Please tell us how the project improved your web use experience. Are you still using this setup? Have you made any changes/improvements to the setup? Do you have any further advice based on your experience with the setup?

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