Mozilla already released the final version of Firefox 7 a day before yesterday, just less than 7 weeks since it shipped Firefox 6.

And like the previous major release, Mozilla brings Firefox 7 with main focus on performance, pegging memory usage reduced between 20 and 50 percent. Such claim has been proven by Tom’s Hardware’s traditional Web Browser Grand Prix in which Firefox 7 is crowned as the new champion, for the first time, beating my personal favorite – Google Chrome!

If you’re curious how Firefox 7 is more efficient in memory usage this time, you may check the results of Tom’s experiment below. You should note though, that this could only be true in Microsoft’s platform, particularly the Windows 7.

Light Load
Heavy Load
Memory Management

I must admit I stick to Google Chrome in Windows even when Mozilla introduced Firefox 6 last month, this time however it seems that’s going to change with Firefox 7. As an internet power user, it would make sense to always use what’s the best web browser, right? There are lots of factors to consider though, nevertheless – I would give Firefox 7 a try. Of course until another contender beat it on a variety of benchmarks in the future.

If you’re also interested of giving it a try, just refer to the direct download links below.

Mozilla Firefox 6 for Windows
Mozilla Firefox 6 for Mac
Mozilla Firefox 6 for Linux

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