Do you have any idea what a Play Station Network (PSN) Code Generator is?
Basically, PSN Code Generator is an application that will create or generate free PSN codes that will allow you to play at Sony’s Play Station Network which was down recently. PSN is a free service operated by Sony allowing players to play games against other gamers online.

Some says that players can get free PSN codes by completing free offers, referring some friends or other gamers, and then placing an order for free PSN codes. I don’t have the list of websites that provide such offers, but some people think of it as another scam.

Where to download PSN Code Generator?

I found a website that offers free download of PSN Code Generator. However, I didn’t try downloading it though, so put a little care. Another download links are available at Rapidshare.

Update: 01/15/2011

I posted download links here, but already removed it to ensure safety of the users. One of the download sites is claimed to be a scam.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy on this blog. What you’re reading is for educational purposes only. Download PSN Code Generator at your own risks!

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