Just in case you missed it, Facebook launched a new messaging app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices the other day.

Called Facebook Messenger, this messaging application is actually a separate app from the native Facebook app for iPhone and Android. Basically it works as if it’s inspired by the BlackBerry Messenger or the Huddle feature in Google+. Features include:

  • Message friends, groups of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts
  • Map your location, find your friends and make plans on the go
  • Get mobile notifications so you never miss a message
  • Include photos so friends can see what you’re doing

Facebook Messenger is already available for download at the App Store and Android Market. It’s currently not available at the Philippines App Store though, but I already have it on my iPhone by downloading the app using my US iTunes account. I’ll be using this Facebook messaging app starting today and let’s see if I like it.J[via]

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