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Flappy Bird Cheat Sheet for iOS Devices, No Jailbreak Needed!

Everyone has gone crazy thanks to the new smartphone game craze, Flappy Bird. The game is simple and fun yet annoying, and everyone hooked with the game just wants to get a high score to brag with their friends. Probably the highest score I’ve ever seen is at 157. Now if you wanna reach that score or even higher without breaking a sweat, we found a little workaround. I’m pretty sure my friend didn’t cheat or used a hack, but who says we can’t?

Andre Co Flappy Bird

Now this hack works for iOS devices, without the need for a Jailbreak. What you’ll need is of course the Flappy Bird game installed on your iPhone or iPad, a nifty app called iExplorer (you can download it here for free), plus the hack file for passing through the pipes (download here).

First, after downloading and installing iExplorer, you’ll be asked to either Buy or Register the app, but you can also click “Continue with Demo”.

Flappy Bird Cheat 1

You’d then need to navigate through the files, and locate the folder “”. To do this, head to Apps > Flappy Bird >

Flappy Bird Cheat 2

After opening the folder, drag the hack you downloaded earlier to pass through the pipes.

Flappy Bird Cheat 3

iExplorer would then ask you if you’d want to Replace, Skip or Keep both of the files since they have the same file name. Click Replace.

Flappy Bird Cheat 4

Close the iExplorer app, disconnect your phone and you are good to go. You can now fire up the Flappy Bird app on your phone, get the high score you want and brag it to your friends. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for just tips and tricks on getting high scores without using the hack, read our article here. Thank us by hitting the comment section below. 🙂

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