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Use FOrecast for iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreak Info

You might come to think, is my iPhone can be jailbroken and unlocked?

Well, that’s quite a pretty good question. You know why? It’s because you can’t always say “yes” by just looking at your iPhone firmware OS version.

What you are going to do then? Calling an iPhone Jailbreak expert? I don’t think so… You can actually check by yourself if your iPhone can be jailbroken or not. The same thing with your iPod Touch, you can also check whether it’s unlockable or not.

I’m going to share with you a software application for iPhones and iPods called F0recast– developed by iH8snow who are also the creators behind SnOwbreeze. Forecast is a small tool for Windows that checks if your device is unlockable or tethered. It has also the capability to tell users their Boot loader. To run and install Forecast V1.0, you’ll need a .NET Frameworks 2.0 or later and iTunes 9.0 or higher.

Forecast V1.0
F0recast is very easy to use. You’ll only connect your iPhone or iPod to your PC via USB, and then run the application. It will then show you some info whether the device is unlockable or not- like the image you see above. You can download it here.

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