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Globe’s Internet Surfing Fair Usage Policy Explained

A lot went berserk last week when Globe Telecom announced that they will start strictly enforcing their Fare Usage Policy (Read Globe’s FUP here), to ensure fast and reliable mobile internet service, according to the telecommunications company. What this means is that subscribers who availed to these called “Unlimited” surfing promos would be throttled to slower speeds (Read: 2G) once they reach Globe’s pre-determined cap.

Globe FUP

In an infographic tweeted by @talk2globe, Globe explained that only 3% of their data subscribers will be affected, labeled as Heavy Data Users. Meaning, the remaining 97% don’t use that much data, not reaching the 1GB/day or 3GB/month cap. Once subscribers reach the 1 GB data cap per day, they will be throttled to 2G speeds equivalent to up to just 64 kbps, until the end of the day. They will then be shifted back to 3G/LTE speeds after midnight. As for those who reached their 3GB per month cap, they will be shifted back to their regular browsing speed on the first day of the following month. In example, if you reach the 3GB cap during the first week of February, you’ll have to endure 2G speeds for remaining days of the month.

Furthermore, the infographic also shows how much data surfing one can do with 3GB per month, highlighted caps implemented in several countries, as well as what you can do with 2G speeds once you get throttled by hitting the surfing cap.


This is what made a lot of subscribers mad. When Globe advertised their surf plans, especially for LTE surfing plans, they marketed it as “UNLI LTE”. And in literal meaning, Unli LTE means unlimited surfing on LTE speeds, without having to worry hitting a cap and getting throttled to slower speeds.

We think that this is a case of false advertising as Globe’s Fair Usage Policy states otherwise. This isn’t the case for Globe alone, but for its biggest rival network, Smart, as well. True to form, when these telcos say “Unlimited Surfing” plans, they really are unlimited in terms of the surfing service in general, just not the speed.

Read our first hand experience with Globe’s Data Cap, as well as a look on different mobile data plans in different countries. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts about Globe’s Fair Usage Policy? Let us know via the comment form below.

A self confessed gadget enthusiast, Phillip Joanino is a Registered Nurse by profession. He graduated with BS in Nursing from Centro Escolar University in Manila, circa April 2013. He’s a certified Apple fanboy, the go-to person when it comes to the latest tech updates and knows the hippest and trendiest places and events around the Metro.

What makes Phillip an Apple fan boy? Currently, he’s got a Black iPod Nano 3rd Gen, a White iPad with Retina display, a White iPhone 4S, a Gold iPhone 5S and a 13-inch Mid 2013 MacBook Air. He’s also got a BlackBerry 9700 on the side, as well as a Intel Core i5 Samsung QX-410 notebook.

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