Google introduced today a new way to use its, well… search engine, by searching the web without having to use a keyboard or voice commands. This new feature is called Handwrite, which basically allows users to do a web search in Google by handwriting. Handwrite, however, is only available for touch-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I’ve personally tested Handwrite a while ago and it works just fine. Google is picking up text inputs into the search box perfectly, even though the search giant said such feature is still experimental.

If you have either a smartphone or tablet, you can give Handwrite a try by visiting through your mobile browser (works seamlessly on Safari and Chrome browsers). While in homepage, scroll a bit down and tap on search “Settings” and there you can “Enable” Handwrite, and “Save”.

To do your first search through handwriting, just tap the small Handwrite icon in the lower-right portion of the screen so you could start writing and Google will recognize your handwriting anywhere in the screen. If the icon didn’t appear (most likely after you saved the new Settings), just tap on Google search box and you’ll be all set to do web searches through handwriting.

Handwrite is undoubtedly yet another great feature introduced by Google for its search engine – even fitting in some occasions where typing and voice commands aren’t best to use. The search giant says Handwrite works best in its own Chrome browser running either on iOS 5+ devices, Android 2.3+ smartphones, and Android 4.0+ tablets.