Well, oh well… September 4 is Google’s birthday. I really can’t imagine how people live these days without a search engine like Google.
Can you?

I’m not really sure until today when exactly Google was incorporated, so I did a little research about it.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, first met some time in 1995 at Stanford University. In 1996, Page and Brin began collaborating on a search engine named BackRub. BackRub operates until 1997 on Standford servers, and on the same year- the name was changed to Google. Google was derived from the mathematical term “googol” which means “1 followed by 100 zeros”. That’s a huge a number (if you mind) which reflects the enormous volume of information Google is providing to its users.

So when exactly Google incorporated? Well, Google filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998 in California. That means today (it’s still Sept. 4 in the US as of this writing) is Google’s 12th anniversary.

Personally, Google has helped me a lot with its great products and innovations. So, I’ll just take this opportunity to thank this search engine on this blog post. How about you? How Google become part of your daily life?

Update: Google’s birthday is September 27th

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