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Hitachi Hailed as the Most Reliable Brand for Hard Disk Drives by BlackBlaze

If ever you’re buying a new Hard Disk Drive, then you might want to consider getting a Hitachi hard drive on your next purchase, as BlackBlaze dubbed the Japanese multinational engineering and electronics company as the Most Reliable Brand for hard disk drives.


BlackBlaze, a firm for Cloud Storage, conducted a research on the life expectancy of hard disk drives offered by different brands. At the end of December 2013, BlackBlaze had 27,134 consumer grade hard drives spinning in their storage pods. Do take note that they have been acquired on different dates and years. More than 85% of them are Seagate and Hitachi hard drives, the remaining few thousands are from Western Digital and just a few from  Toshiba and Samsung. 

BlackBlaze presented the data in two forms: an Annual Failure rate is the average number of failures you can expect running one drive for a year, and a 36 month survival rate.

Hard Disk Annual Failure Rate

Results show that with Hitachi, the Annual Failure rates are just a mere 0.9 to 1.5%, while there’s from almost 3% up to no more than 14% annual failure rate for the Seagate drives they have, and more than 2% to up to 3-4% for Western Digital.

36 Month Survival Rate

As for the 36 month survival rate, Hitachi got an impressive score of 96.9% of the drives still working after 3 years, 94.8% for Western Digital and just 73.5% for Seagate hard drives. [via]

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  1. El El

    Thanks Bert for the post. Might consider this brand on my next purchase for portable drive.

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