I don’t want to talk about Search Engine Optimization here as if I’m an expert. Nope… I’m not Matt Cutts.
I posted several blogs here about SEO because I like it. It’s not boring. Definitely…

When this blog became PR2, I still keep on optimizing this blog for higher page rank. Luckily, this is now PR 3.

I found a video of Matt Cutts where he explained how Google search works. This type of video really interests me as it leads me to become more curious and do some experiments on SEO. In fact, my experiment about high trend but low dense keywords worked. Though, I was a bit frustrated before when I thought this blog has been penalized by Bing– it was just a misconception. I read about how Bing search algorithm works, and finally this blog appeared again on Bing SERPs for some targeted keywords after doing some SEO.

Back to the video, I can say that page rank really matters on SEO. It’s very clear according to Matt Cutt’s explanation on how Google search works. Some says that PR doesn’t really matter, sorry; it’s still a debatable theory. Watch this!

So, what can you say about PR? Would it really matter for you what’s the Page Rank of your blog?

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