You probably heard about this iPod Ninja, do you? Well, I was actually surprised the first time I heard about this, uhmm joke???, last week when it was reported that Steve Jobs was searched at the Kansai International Airport in Japan for allegedly possessing not just iPod prototype, but a crazy lethal weapon.
They called it iPod Ninja.

iPod Ninja?

It sounds interesting or even looks amazing that you really have to order several bumper cases for your own safety! I guess, we can’t blame many “gadgeteers” would ask if this new iPod model really exist or not. There are no enough proofs of its existence though, except the one shown above which is an uncomplicated design for a novice graphics artist to get done in minutes. That means, what you’ve been reading about this iPod Ninja is just a perfect hoax. So, just stop dreaming of getting yours and become fugitive. Nope, I’m just kidding.

The latest product we’ve known so far is iPod Touch 4G. If Apple indeed has new iPod products on the line, surely we’ll let you know.

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