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Cab App Micab Partners with Metro Cebu Taxi Group to Ease Traffic Woes

Cebu local call-a-cab app Micab recently joined forces with Metro Cebu Taxi Operators Association (MCTOA) to further help commuters in Cebu amid worsening traffic woes. This is good news, especially to those who prefer riding cabs to their destinations. A launching ceremony at Casino Español in Cebu City highlighted this event on September 19.

Aside from MCTOA, the event was also attended by proprietors of other cab companies in Cebu.

What is Micab?

Eddie Ybañez, concerned over the worsening traffic problem in his city, developed an app that enables Cebu commuters to request for a cab right from their smartphones, be picked up from right where they are, and be brought to any destination within the city. It’s a hassle-free call-a-cab app installed on mobile phones for easy access anytime. And Ybañez feels that together with MCTOA, his app would contribute immensely to relieving the growing traffic crisis.

“We are pleased to have one of the country’s largest taxi associations on our team. This is one more step towards attaining our dream of offering convenient, easy, safe, and anxiety-free commuting to the public,” Ybañez said confidently.

He added that, “It’s really cab passengers who stand to gain the most by not having to suffer fare surges during peak hours with Micab. We also have a zero booking fee.”

What is MCTOA?

MCTOA’s commitment to help commuters in Cebu is seen in its transport fleets consisting of 5,000 white cabs. In addition, its yellow cabs are plying the Mactan-Cebu International Airport route to help boost tourism in the city. Plus, it has a bus franchise with KMKK to cater to other commuters not so keen on riding cabs. Thus, it’s easy to see how partnership with Micab can boost MCTOA’s transport mission and business.

Other Micab Beneficiaries

Another good news is Micab’s benefits can also redound to other transport groups, like Spider Airland and Scorpion Taxi. In the words of its head, Chiquito Obeso: “Our partnership with Micab taxis is a blessing to taxi drivers who are now given a chance to compete with more prominent app-based transport vehicles that have recently gained popularity among commuters.”

Other transport groups availing of the Micab app system are Holiday Taxi of Mayo Perez, Sun Taxi or Maicala of Michael Lee, Dr. J & MJ, and Emerson Taxi of Allan Mercado. In the future, Micab eyes Metro Manila as field of its expansion, possibly partnering with cab companies in the country’s capital in the last quarter of 2017.

Micab is unlike other transport service providers in that it is not under the Transport Network Vehicle Services (TVNS) of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB. It partners with cab companies that follows franchising rules rather than do services for private vehicles.

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