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No More Windows Phones from LG, Just Android

LG Electronics is one among the early adapters of the Windows Phone OS back in 2010 (together with HTC, Dell, and Samsung) that really pushed devices out in the market, but it seems like the company will make a fundamental change on its smartphone business as it plans to focus on Google’s Android OS.

The decision was hinted during the company’s earnings conference session last week, citing an LG executive saying “that the company is planning to focus on smartphones running on Google’s Android mobile operating system” and it “is taking a step back from Windows phones”. By end of 2011, Microsoft’s mobile OS (Windows Phone and Windows Mobile market share combined) was reportedly has 1.9% share in the worldwide smartphone market and the actual figures of these handsets actually didn’t become favorable for LG. The South Korean phone maker initially partnered with Microsoft to boost the number of Windows Phone-powered LG handsets; this time however, LG considers such decision detrimental and that it won’t release any new Windows Phone devices soon.

Definitely this would be critical for Microsoft, but let’s see how it goes for the Windows Phone platform with major device makers left such as HTC, Dell, Samsung, and Nokia. [via]

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