As previously announced, Nokia and Microsoft entered into a “strategic alliance” to redefine the smartphone market with Nokia’s new handsets to run on Windows Phone 7.

Everyone of us are excited to see what the new merger have in store, particularly with the design of the devices – but it looks like it had already been conceptualized. Our friends at Engadget got some newsworthy photo of what is said to be the concept of Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets. Without further ado, check it out after the break.

Could the very first Nokia phone running Windows Phone 7 looks similar with what you’re seeing above? Beat that! Soon, we’ll know – but for now, I can say that it feels no copycat on hardware and at your first glance you can easily predict it’s made by Nokia. And power it on will reveal it’s the Windows Phone 7 interface. Exciting! I wish Nokia won’t disappoint us with the final hardware specs. Really! [via]

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