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Pay Facebook Ads and Credits Using Paypal

Yesterday, Facebook and PayPal announced a strategic relationship to offer PayPal in key parts of Facebook’s advertising and developer systems.
Advertisers around the world will then be able to use PayPal to pay for Facebook Ads purchased.

Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of payment operations, said in a blog post:

“We want to give the people who use Facebook, as well as advertisers and developers, a fast and trusted way to pay across our service,”… “As our business has grown, offering local methods of payment has become increasingly important for advertisers who want to buy Facebook Ads. Teaming with PayPal, a global leader in online payments- makes this possible.”

Paypal on Facebook
Running a campaign on Facebook to promote products, services, or any similar advertisements is not easy for other advertisers, particularly the small businesses. The payment system can be difficult and even expensive. This partnership of Facebook and Paypal will definitely pave the way of online payment process; giving the fact that PayPal is massive considering its more than 81 million accounts.

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