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Pebble Smartwatches: Looking Smart Begins with the Wrist

This is definitely how to look smart in 2013: slim, posh, elegant, impressive yet sporty smartwatches by Pebble! These are straightforward and simple ultra modern wristwatches that provide smart watch faces, notifications, plus music control, all in a lean wrist accessory that fits all occasions. Plus more!

Huge monstrosity of a wristwatch never impresses anybody no matter its superb functionality. People prefer smartwatches like what Pebble smartwatches offer. Looking smart begins with the wrist. And the stylishness of Pebble smartwatches is hinged on its e-paper display, among other things. It’s definitely a world better than the Metawatch display and boasts of a 144 by 168 pixel resolution.

Some Features

Just look at some of its simple yet superb features: the three buttons on its right side are navigational for proceeding up or down, and then selecting. On the left is a back button for a simple return to the latest option made. The buttons are made big enough for obvious identification and for a user-friendly effect. Once pressed, these buttons offer more resistance for more durability and prevent accidental clicking.

Pebble Smartwatches
Pebble Smartwatches

It can be operated with tablet batteries but charging the power source is also possible through a tiny magnetic clip that easily fits on the side. A single charge should make the Pebble smartwatches operable for a week and charging takes only an hour or two. Its water resistance is capacitated to 4 atmospheres and that should be good enough when doing a few laps at the pool while still looking sportily smart with it.

Clean and Durable Design

The plastic body design is among the cleanest and most durable in the world of smartwatches, resulting to a total elegant look. The curved face comes in various chic hues: black, orange, gray, white or red. That serves all ages, genders, and preferences. It’s clean and light, weighing only about seven ounces. The most uncomfortable things about other watch brands is they’re often too cumbersome for the wrist.

Most Pebble smartwatches feel solid bodily and has a slightly glossy touch. The bands have rubbery texture but easily replaceable with 22 mm bands which is the standard.

Pebble is very compatible with iPhone 3GS or something higher, requiring at least iOS 5. It is also compatible with Android gadgets with version 2.3.3 or higher. Pebble smartwatches connect with the mentioned smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 for sending out notifications, reflecting on-the-air updates, and controlling music. And that’s the plan—Pebble software updates sent each week!

Before thinking up smart getups and apparels for a specific occasion, remember Pebble smartwatches—and how looking smart begins with the wrist. [via]

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