Apple on Wednesday announced that its iTunes Store is officially available to 12 more Asian countries including the Philippines. Well, that’s good news – but for some non-pro “Pinoy iUsers”, what does it exactly mean?

Technically, the Philippines iTunes Store has been around for quite some time now (if I’m not mistaken, sometime in July 2008) – just that Apple only allows users to download mostly apps from a separate platform, App Store. Previously, iPhone, iPod, and iPad users in the Philippines couldn’t use local credit cards, PayPal, or any other online payment system to buy items from the iTunes Store. They could only purchase and download music, videos, and movies from the iTunes store by using gift cards sold in other countries like the US which already had their own stores.

Until now however, “Pinoy iUserscan already use their locally-issued credit cards to purchase music, videos, movies, and other items from Apple’s extensive library.

Apple says there are over 20 million songs available for purchase so far and though the price varies on every label – it’s great to note that the Philippine iTunes Store offers cheaper prices to some items compared to other regions like the US. For instance, Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” song is priced at $1.29 in US iTunes Store while the Philippines iTunes Store has it for only $0.69 (~30 pesos). Other songs though go up to $0.99 or $1.29. Movies on the other hand start at $14.99 for standard definition or $19.99 for HD.

With the “full” availability of iTunes Store in the Philippines, Apple also made iTunes Match available for $24.99 (more or less Php 1,100) a year.

The launch of Philippines iTunes Store is an indication that the country is certainly becoming a more significant market for Apple and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cupertino tech giant finally opens its first retail store anytime soon. [via]