If we’re to talk about a popular game app that is available in almost all mobile platforms, definitely Rovio’s Angry Birds will top on the list. It’s on Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, iOS, and it’s even available for the lone MeeGo-powered Nokia N9. And if we’re to talk about PC, this addictive puzzle game has an XP and Windows 7 versions, too! Do I have to say it’s on Google Chrome as well?

With the advent of Google+ Games, Angry Birds is one among those pioneer apps that made its way to the search giant’s own social networking site. It was certainly a brilliant decision for Rovio to bring the app to Google+, given the fact that it can leverage on the rapidly growing number of users. But it won’t stop there. The Finnish game developer will also bring Angry Birds to Facebook comes February 14th, Valentine’s Day! Though sounds like a feat for both Rovio and Facebook, I’m excited to see how user base would decline on other platforms particularly the PC and Google Chrome versions.

On a side note, Free Angry Birds may not be on today’s top list of free apps for iPhone and iPod Touch – but the paid versions are. And that could be the reason behind why Angry Birds is the top grossing app ‘till today. iPad versions of Angry Birds are still the leading applications in both free and paid app categories.

So that’s it for now. Again, you mark the date; it’s on Valentine’s Day. And oh, while you’re waiting – check out the game trailer after the break.