Another first from the country’s leading telephone and internet service provider, PLDT is promising to turn your regular TV into a full featured Internet TV with a small new device called the TVolution. Catch all the details after the break!

Priced at just Php 199/month on top of a PLDT Home Fibr subscriber’s plan (or a one-time cash out of Php 3,000), the TVolution device is bringing Internet to regular TVs. Meaning, with the TVolution device hooked to your ordinary TV, you’ll have access to thousands of on-demand TV shows and Movies through ClickPlay and MyPinoyTV service, run compatible Android apps and games, listen to music, browse the Internet, check your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and finally, create and edit documents as well through the built-in Kingsoft Open Office app.

Based on our research the TVolution Android device appears to be a rebranded version of Huawei’s Media Q device, which seems to be PLDT’s response to Google’s Chromecast and an obvious competitor of the newly launched Blink on-demand service.

Huawei Media Q

To control the TVolution device for Internet browsing and apps, you’ll need to use the TelPad remote control or a USB mouse and keyboard.

PLDT’s TVolution is available at the moment for Metro Manila Home Fibr subscribers, as well as Home DSL subscribers with plan 999 or higher.

The number of free movie titles available for streaming on TVolution depends on your current level of Fibr or DSL subscription, though. After consuming your allocated movies per month, you’ll need to add subscription via ClickPlay, which means additional payment that can be charged on top of your PLDT bill. For on-demand TV shows, TVolution subscribers will need to pay another Php 199/month for all access on MyPinoyTV content.

Watch PLDT Home Fibr’s TVolution ad on the video embedded below! [via]