Facebook’s layout just received a major facelift the other day and while the social network giant thought it would be another great improvement to offer better experience to its users, it may not always be the case.

Well, for me it is and I personally like the new layout; but there are really some users who got irked and aren’t that susceptible to the recent changes in Facebook. In fact some of them wanted to get back the old Facebook layout, which somehow can be done with a little catch. You can bring back the old layout; however that would involve changing your account’s local language setting. That is, changing the language to “Filipino” for Facebook users here in the Philippines. Yesterday, it still works for English UK but not until today. If you’re reading this outside the Philippines, you may try selecting your local language and see it for yourself if it works.

For the Pinoys, here’s how to revert to the old Facebook layout.

1.Logon to Facebook and go to the Account Settings.

2.At the bottom part, look for Language and click Edit.

3.Choose “Filipino” as primary language, then Save Changes.
Now go back to Facebook homepage and there you’ll see the old layout is back as shown below.

So, do you like it that way?

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