Seriously, this complements the great offers Smart Communications had introduced just this month to its 47 million subscribers.

First, they introduced unlimited text to all networks for its prepaid subscribers. Few days later, they started offering unlimited call and text plan to postpaid subscribers. And this time, they have something to offer for internet-junkies and it’s called “Always On” Plan.

Always On plan is basically a flexible volume-based plan for SMART Postpaid, Prepaid, and Broadband subscribers. What it means is you only have to pay for how much bandwidth you consume for a particular period of time. To give you a better picture of this offer, take a look at the matrix below.

As you can see for example with “Always On 20”, you only have to pay Php 20 in 1 day, good for 25MB of bandwidth. This is way better than Php 50 unlimited browsing a day, but you actually didn’t go online that long. Or that’s even better than the regular rate of Php 10 per 30 minutes as long as you don’t download huge amount of data for that time-frame. Another good thing with this plan is users get notified when a particular package is about to expire; say for example only just 20% of the bandwidth left before the regular rate of Php 10 per 30 minutes apply.

Selecting the best package actually depends on how you use the internet.

Always On Plan is available from Php 20 for 1 day with 25MB of data, up to Php 995 for 1 month with 2GB of bandwidth.

To register, you only have to send the corresponding keywords to 2200 (refer to the matrix above).

So what do you think of this new offer from SMART? Do hit the comment section below.

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