This year, we’re going to expect more product launches from Apple. That includes the second generation iPad, the rumored iPhone 5, and perhaps some refreshes on iPods, as well as with the MacBooks.
But that also undoubtedly means more clones of these gadgets in the gray markets.

The iPhone 4 was a hit for Apple in 2010 and despite having lots of criticisms for several issues like the Antennagate, the iOS 4 DST bug, and this year’s first Alarm Clock bug – it’s still one of the best smartphones out there. There’s no doubt a Chinese company blatantly duplicated the iPhone 4, and now has a near-perfect clone called SoPhone 4.

The SoPhone 4

Sporting an external hardware design identical to the iPhone 4, the SoPhone 4 is purportedly powered by a MTK6235 chipset and behaves alluringly with its 480 x 320 capacitive touch screen where you can see the incredibly similar interface with iOS 4. It’s a GSM phone with supports for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, has front and rear cameras, FM Radio, 4GB Flash storage, and a replaceable 1400mAh battery. And the price? I guess you’d love to hear it will cost around $210 or even cheaper when we see this somewhere in local shelves. Watch the video after the break.

What can you say about this iPhone 4 clone? [via]

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