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#ShareYourVibe! Globe Telecom Brings Back #FreeFacebook; Free Viber for a Month, too!

No more than a year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg cited Globe Telecom to be the first in the world to bring free access to the very popular social networking site to millions of its customers. Although a lot of Globe subscribers definitely enjoyed the promo while it lasted, sadly, the…

Step by Step Guide on Downloading Facebook Paper App in Philippines or Outside the US

Last week, Facebook released their very own News Reader app, the Facebook Paper. It’s a very neat application for keeping track of your newsfeed, as well as the latest stories, news and other topics you want to keep a tab on with just a swipe of finger, just like reading the newspaper or a magazine–a feature we have all seen with the very famous Flipboard app.

Facebook Paper

Just like what I said, it’s an amazing app currently exclusive for iPhone users. The sad news is, it’s still a US App Store exclusive. There’s also word that Facebook has no immediate plans on making it available for the iPad and Android users, as well as for International iPhone users as well.

Instagram for Android Hits 5 Million Downloads After Facebook Announced Its Acquisition

Less than a week following the release of Instagram for the Android platform, the popular photo-sharing app has already hit the 5-million download mark as shown in Google Play Store’s stat.

That’s a remarkable feat for an Android app, noting that its iOS counterpart took about half a year to reach 5 million users. Instagram for Android was also seen downloaded 1 million times in less than a day following its official launch to Google Play Store.

On a side note, Facebook announced on Tuesday that it acquires Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion in cash and stock. That’s huge money for a startup that still has to celebrate its 2nd anniversary comes October and doesn’t even make any revenue just yet. But for Facebook, the move is smart enough to keep its dominance for the best social photo sharing experience. And now you’d incline to believe that if “video” is for Google (through YouTube), then “photo” is for Facebook (through the social network itself and Instagram).

LinkedIn Hits 1 Million Users from the Philippines

Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the most populous social networking sites in the world and though it seems impossible for LinkedIn to beat the numbers, at least it still topped the rank on its category.

LinkedIn is categorized as a business-related social networking website and with over 150 million members across the globe — it has been considered as the biggest social network for professionals and is ahead of its competitors like Viadeo, XING, and

And just recently, LinkedIn announced that it has already reached its 1 million users milestone from the Philippines.

Angry Birds Coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day

If we’re to talk about a popular game app that is available in almost all mobile platforms, definitely Rovio’s Angry Birds will top on the list. It’s on Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, iOS, and it’s even available for the lone MeeGo-powered Nokia N9. And if we’re to talk about PC, this addictive puzzle game has an XP and Windows 7 versions, too! Do I have to say it’s on Google Chrome as well?

With the advent of Google+ Games, Angry Birds is one among those pioneer apps that made its way to the search giant’s own social networking site. It was certainly a brilliant decision for Rovio to bring the app to Google+, given the fact that it can leverage on the rapidly growing number of users. But it won’t stop there.

Facebook Messenger App for Windows is Out Now for Download! And Here’s Why I’m Not Impressed Just Yet…

Granted! Facebook has already released its Facebook Messenger application for Windows and if you guys have been waiting for this – you probably want to give it shot. Messenger for Windows, as what the social network giant calls it, is actually not just a messaging app similar to the Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android handsets. It comes with additional features like getting quick notifications about what’s going on in your Facebook account and checking the latest updates from your friends right within the UI, without having to stay any longer in your web browser.

But would it really appeal to you? I guess it won’t! Though the app is still on its trial stage, I must say that Facebook probably was just forced to release the app to the public after it was leaked in the internet. Seriously, I personally don’t see any single advantage of using the app as far as efficiency and better Facebook chat experience are concerned.

MOTOKEY SOCIAL is Motorola’s Answer to HTC’s Facebook Phones

Motorola is still yet to announce its Facebook-centric feature phone, but its product page is informative enough telling us the phone is coming to stores very, very soon. Motorola’s MOTOKEY SOCIAL which definitely will get head to head with HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa also dons a dedicated Facebook button…

Facebook Launched Messenger App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Devices

Just in case you missed it, Facebook launched a new messaging app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices the other day. Called Facebook Messenger, this messaging application is actually a separate app from the native Facebook app for iPhone and Android. Basically it works as if it’s inspired…

Globe Telecom Also Offer Free Facebook Access on Java-Enabled Phones, Finally!

I’m not surprised. It’s quite obvious, folks. You see… When Facebook announced its new Java App for Every Phone, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom were listed among those partner-carriers to offer its respective subscribers free data access to the social networking site. Smart confirmed the free service offer, while Globe…

How to Install Mobile App for Java for Unlimited Access to Facebook [Smart Network]

I’m still receiving several queries on how to install the Java app that will allow unlimited access to the social networking site in Smart network. I thought it would be great if I just post a tutorial for everyone’s reference. As a primer for those who haven’t heard about this…

Revert / Bring Back the Old Facebook Chat Interface [How to]

Tired and disappointed with the new changes rolled in Facebook chat interface recently? Well, so am I. The good thing though, particularly in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, there’s the Greasemonkey scripts which can customize web pages and some functionalities of web applications to meet the requirements of the users.…

Bummer! Globe Telecom Don’t Offer Free Access to Facebook through Mobile App for Java

A reader who commented on my previous post is probably right — Globe Telecom don’t support Facebook for Every Phone App. Facebook launched the app in partnership with several telcos in the world to offer free access to the social networking site in 90 days. Facebook for Every Phone App…

Update on SMART Free Facebook Access through Mobile App for Java

Three days ago, Facebook launched its new app for Java-enabled phones called Facebook for Every Phone App. This Facebook app was designed to work seamlessly with over 2500 “dumb” phones, generally just those phones with support for mobile Java applications, yet doesn’t run a complete mobile operating system like iOS,…

SMART and Globe Telecom Users, Here’s How to Enjoy Free Facebook Surfing in Dumb Phones

Nope. The right term is Feature Phone. So please don’t take dumb phones literally. But yeah, they aren’t that smart to do advance computing! J Okay. Here in the Philippines, Sun Cellular subscribers have been enjoying unlimited Facebook access on feature phones since last year through Facebook Zero. It was announced…

Facebook App for Every Phone Released; Free Facebook Access in 90 days!

Official Facebook App for iPad? Not yet. Facebook preferred releasing an app that will work with over 2,500 different Java-enabled phones. The app, called as Facebook for Every Phone, not only includes Facebook’s most popular features, such as News Feed, Inbox, and Photos, but also enables users to upload photos…