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Top 10 Microsoft Xbox One Games and Titles You Should Check Out!

Sony’s PlayStation 4 isn’t the only gaming console that is selling hot like pancakes for gamers, but also Microsoft’s Xbox One. Although the former is ahead in terms of sales and popularity among the latter, the Xbox One is still one amazing console gamers (especially hardcore ones) should definitely not…

Flappy Bird Cheat Sheet for iOS Devices, No Jailbreak Needed!

Everyone has gone crazy thanks to the new smartphone game craze, Flappy Bird. The game is simple and fun yet annoying, and everyone hooked with the game just wants to get a high score to brag with their friends. Probably the highest score I’ve ever seen is at 157. Now if you wanna reach that score or even higher without breaking a sweat, we found a little workaround. I’m pretty sure my friend didn’t cheat or used a hack, but who says we can’t?

Andre Co Flappy Bird

Now this hack works for iOS devices, without the need for a Jailbreak. What you’ll need is of course the Flappy Bird game installed on your iPhone or iPad, a nifty app called iExplorer (you can download it here for free), plus the hack file for passing through the pipes (download here).

5 Best Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

Flappy Bird will try to get to your nerve and make you addicted into it at the same time. This brings back everyone’s nostalgia over family computers where bricked graphics and blunt sound effects were the mainstream. The reason why everyone’s hooked with this insanely infuriating game is its simple yet difficult game play – trying to get a flapping bird through a Super Mario-like pair of pipes.

Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

Just like any other endless-running or endless flapping (in Flappy Bird’s case) games in the App Store and Google Play, the game play is not to stay alive but to flap long enough and get through as many pipes possible. We listed 5 tips and tricks you ought to know before you jump into this craze.

Flappy Birds, the Latest Game Craze Everyone is Talking About

Move over, Candy Crush, as there’s a new game craze taking the whole world by storm, Flappy Bird. We tried it ourselves, and it is annoyingly addictive.


Developed by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen published under .GEARS Studio and is available for iOS and Android devices, Flappy Bird has a very simple objective. Fly endlessly without hitting the obstacles in the form of green pipes. All you have to do is tap the screen for the cute yellow bird fly, then tap again as it goes down for him to fly up again.

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic for iPhone and Android Now Available

After launching a teaser trailer yesterday of the newest edition of Angry Birds Seasons, publisher Rovio officially released the game update for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android users. Themed for summer, the Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic is tougher to play as gamers will only have one bird on…

PS3 Software Update Version 3.42 is now available for Download

Last week of July, Sony released system software update 3.41 for PS3 built with feature that will bring game and video recommendation to the PlayStation Store. There’s another minor update to PS3 systems, software update version 3.42, which includes some additional security features. This seems to be an update that…