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Power Mac Center brings Same Unit Repair Program for iPhones in Philippines!

It is a total nightmare when your iPhone malfunctions out of nowhere, more so if you accidentally drop it and the screen gets broken. Although you can simply head to the nearest Apple Store to have your precious smartphone repaired, unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the Philippines. But not until today, as Power Mac Center, the only premium Apple Authorized service provider in the country, launches the Same Unit Repair (SUR) program in the Philippines for supported iPhone models.

Broken iPhone

Unlike before, whenever there’s hardware issue with an iPhone here in the Philippines, repair turnaround would take weeks to even months, as some repairs would require unit replacements to be shipped from Apple in Singapore. But with the official roll out of Power Mac Center’s Same Unit Repair program, it will take about just 72 hours or 3 days for your iPhone to get fixed and ready for claiming.

10 Best iOS 7 Camera Tips for iPhoneographers

The iPhone is certainly a powerful tool that gets us through a busy day. It has replaced most of the conventional stuff in our bags – organizers, notebooks, pen, wallet, etc. And we can never deny that the iPhone has made a huge impact on the platform where the Digital Cameras and Micro Four Thirds were once royalties – Photography.


Admit it or not, we carry our iPhones everywhere to document our lives and share it to Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram where the Apple-made smartphone is the most-used camera. And with the advent of iOS 7, the camera app has never been exciting for iPhoneographers. Today, we’re listing some iPhone camera’s tips and tricks that you may have not known since you upgraded with the flashy iOS 7.

What’s Inside the iPhone 5S

Intrigued about what makes your iPhone 5S tick? You probably know all about its Apple A7 processor, storage, the retina display with 325 ppi, and other tech specs. But, have you actually seen how they look inside the iPhone 5S? Don’t bother tearing down your device piece by piece just to look inside and find out. We’ll take it apart for you to see what’s inside the iPhone 5S, thanks to iFixIt.

iPhone 5S

The Dissection Begins

iPhone 5S Teardown 1

After unlocking the pentalobular screws that secure the phone shell into place—and lifting off the front shell cover—a cable is noticeable at the bottom. It attaches the Touch ID sensor found in the home button to the Lighting receptacle or port assembly. This cable is among the crucial parts of what’s inside the iPhone 5S and should be handled with care.

Download Paid iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps for Free without Jailbreak

Having your iDevice’s firmware untouched, that is without jailbreaking and installing the Installous app, there’s no way you can download premium or paid apps for free in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The Installous App is a simple yet very popular app that hosts thousands of “cracked” apps on its database so you would be able to select and download such apps right in your iDevice. Installous, however, can only be installed once your device is “jailbroken” — though this doesn’t mean to be able to download paid apps for free always requires you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Well, I just discovered this new app that has been available in the Apple App Store for a couple of days already which allows you to download premium or paid apps for free. Yes, it’s legit and ain’t a jailbreak app; and the good thing is such app is free as well.

This app is called “App of the Day” and is available in selected countries including Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and of course – the Philippines. The dev’s website says it will soon become available in France and the UK as well.

So how do you get a paid app downloaded in your device for free?

iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is Here! [Direct Download Links]

Apple has already released the final build of iOS 6, the latest version of its firmware for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. iOS 6 which is made available for iPhone 5 and 5th-generation iPod Touch out of the box will also work with earlier models of iDevices such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2, and The New iPad.

Apple says iOS 6 is available for download as an OTA (over-the-air) update if you’re running iOS 5 or later; unfortunately, I can’t seem to fetch the said update on my iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1. So I decided to hook it up to my computer so I can get the latest firmware through iTunes. As usual, if you want to do the same steps in upgrading the OS, all you have to do is just plug your iDevice in the USB interface, fire up the latest version of iTunes, and there you’ll see the notification similar to the one below.

In any case you want to stack iOS 6 in your firmware archives for later upgrade, hit the download links after the break. Yes, all of these come directly from Apple servers. Just click on your device’s version and happy downloading! 🙂

You Can Now Search on Google by Handwriting

Google introduced today a new way to use its, well… search engine, by searching the web without having to use a keyboard or voice commands. This new feature is called Handwrite, which basically allows users to do a web search in Google by handwriting. Handwrite, however, is only available for touch-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I’ve personally tested Handwrite a while ago and it works just fine. Google is picking up text inputs into the search box perfectly, even though the search giant said such feature is still experimental.

If you have either a smartphone or tablet, you can give Handwrite a try by visiting through your mobile browser (works seamlessly on Safari and Chrome browsers). While in homepage, scroll a bit down and tap on search “Settings” and there you can “Enable” Handwrite, and “Save”.

The iPhone 3GS is Back; And Widget City Got a Pretty Great Deal for You! [Updated]

Well, oh well. Who would have thought Apple will bring some more iPhone 3GS in stores? Certainly not me, neither you. Right? Regardless of what this Cupertino phone maker is trying to do, one thing is for sure – that is, luring Pinoy techies with an iPhone that ain’t really that too heavy on the pocket. Or should I just say “very much affordable iPhone” for the Pinoys? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter for us why it’s back; what matters is the iPhone 3GS is here once again, available in shops somewhere in the country’s gadget zones.

For those who have less idea (yet) about the iPhone 3GS, it’s Apple’s 3rd generation smartphone released in 2009. So it’s basically 2 generations older from its successors, the iPhone 4 (2010) and iPhone 4S (2011). This iPhone 3GS that’s hitting in stores again though is the 8GB version, which is the very first version of the 3GS model that hit the market 3 years ago. Talking about the hardware, it’s powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor ticking at 600MHz, a PowerVR graphics processor, and 256MB of memory. Out of the box, the iPhone 3GS is loaded with iOS 5 (Apple’s firmware) and can later be upgraded to iOS 6 once it officially comes out. Though I couldn’t say that you’ll get the best experience on this iPhone model on iOS 6, it does fair with iOS 5, except when you’re running memory and processor-intensive applications. Nevertheless, I believe it still worth for its suggested retail price of Php 14,990.

Philippines iTunes Store Is Now Open: What Does It Mean to a Newbie Pinoy iUser?

Apple on Wednesday announced that its iTunes Store is officially available to 12 more Asian countries including the Philippines. Well, that’s good news – but for some non-pro “Pinoy iUsers”, what does it exactly mean?

Technically, the Philippines iTunes Store has been around for quite some time now (if I’m not mistaken, sometime in July 2008) – just that Apple only allows users to download mostly apps from a separate platform, App Store. Previously, iPhone, iPod, and iPad users in the Philippines couldn’t use local credit cards, PayPal, or any other online payment system to buy items from the iTunes Store. They could only purchase and download music, videos, and movies from the iTunes store by using gift cards sold in other countries like the US which already had their own stores.

Until now however, “Pinoy iUserscan already use their locally-issued credit cards to purchase music, videos, movies, and other items from Apple’s extensive library.

Globe Telecom Drops iPhone 4 Prices

I’ve already seen several local stores selling the iPhone 4 at a very much lower price even before the iPhone 4S officially become available in the country (exactly 4 months ago through Globe Telecom and Smart Communications), but it’s only a while ago that the iPhone 4 official carrier Globe Telecom began offering the device with a significant price cuts.

Globe Telecom is now offering the iPhone 4 approximately more or less Php 10K off than its original prices: Php 27,747 for 16GB version (Black/White) and Php 32,898 for the 32GB version (Black/White). At launch, Globe Telecom offered the iPhone 4 starting at Php 37,499 for the 16GB model while the 32GB model was priced at Php 43,699.

iOS 5.1 Brings Japanese Language Support for Siri, Download it Now!

Apple released today another firmware update (iOS 5.1) for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad which brings several new improvements – the most notable of which is the Japanese language support for Siri.

Sounds good news for Japanese users out there as they can now talk to Siri through their native language. Other than that, iOS 5.1 now allow users to delete photos from the Photo Stream and the Camera shortcut is now always visible on the Lock Screen for supported iPhone handsets. And as far as imaging feature is concerned, this new firmware introduces a redesigned Camera app for iPad tablets.

Android Browser Beats Opera for the First Time as the Top Mobile Web Browser

Opera, the most widely used web browser in feature phones has been beaten for the first time from its throne as the top mobile browser.

The Android web browser that is seen to have a rapid growth since its inception a couple of years ago has broken another record — this time leading Opera in the list of StatCounter’s Global Stats. From the most recent monthly report (February, 2012), Android browser accounts 22.67% of the market share, beating out Opera at 21.7%. Apple mobile Safari browser captured the third place; however, StatCounter accounts the iPhone and iPod Touch browsers separately. If combined, these devices could push Safari to the top spot accounting 25.36% of the market share.

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G, and iPad 1 Released!

Jailbreakers, you got to love hearing this yourself! Those who have been running the latest version of iOS yet still keep their iDevices untouched or those who indulged themselves either with a tethered or semi-tethered jailbreak as a partial satisfaction will now have a reason to rejoice as the much-anticipated…

Play Flash Contents in iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Very Soon…

Finally, Adobe brings all the possibilities of playing Flash contents like videos and games to Apple devices with the release of the new versions of Adobe Flash Media Server and Adobe Flash Access. The inability to play Flash contents through iOS’ native Safari browser is perhaps the biggest complaint among…