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Free Mobile Internet for Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Prepaid Users for 2 Months!

In a very breaking news, Business Tycoon and Chairman of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Manuel V. Pangilinan, also commonly known as MVP, made a big announcement today about the future of mobile internet in the Philippines for Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers. MVP built a whole…

Globe Data Cap vs Smart Data Cap, Plus a Look on Mobile Data Plans in Different Countries

With all the buzz about Globe Telecom’s strict implementation of their Mobile Data Surfing Fair Usage Policy (FUP), we can’t help but compare it with Smart Telecom’s own FUP on mobile surfing. The Fair Usage Policy is set not just for mobile data browsing, but for texts and calls as well. View the comparison on the table below, as well as details and an overview comparison on mobile data plan prices on countries in the world.

FUP comparison

The reason why Globe started to strictly implement their Fair Use Policy according to them is to “ensure fast and reliable service” as apparently, 3% of their data subscribers are considered as heavy users. This solution sparked great ire amongst disappointed Globe subscribers, as a Fair Usage Policy was never really discussed when you sign up for a surfing plan (at least in my case when I signed up for an UnliSurf promo almost 2 years ago with my current plan). Smart on the other hand has their daily and monthly cap both on 1.5 GB, just half of Globe’s 3 GB monthly cap.

Globe’s Internet Surfing Fair Usage Policy Explained

A lot went berserk last week when Globe Telecom announced that they will start strictly enforcing their Fare Usage Policy (Read Globe’s FUP here), to ensure fast and reliable mobile internet service, according to the telecommunications company. What this means is that subscribers who availed to these called “Unlimited” surfing promos would be throttled to slower speeds (Read: 2G) once they reach Globe’s pre-determined cap.

Globe FUP

In an infographic tweeted by @talk2globe, Globe explained that only 3% of their data subscribers will be affected, labeled as Heavy Data Users. Meaning, the remaining 97% don’t use that much data, not reaching the 1GB/day or 3GB/month cap. Once subscribers reach the 1 GB data cap per day, they will be throttled to 2G speeds equivalent to up to just 64 kbps, until the end of the day. They will then be shifted back to 3G/LTE speeds after midnight. As for those who reached their 3GB per month cap, they will be shifted back to their regular browsing speed on the first day of the following month. In example, if you reach the 3GB cap during the first week of February, you’ll have to endure 2G speeds for remaining days of the month.

Official: Globe, Smart iPhone 5C and 5S Launching in Philippines November 15, 2013

That’s right! As I’ve tweeted earlier today, the much anticipated new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be officially launched in the Philippines comes November 15, 2013, through Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. The expected release date is actually 1 month earlier compared to the iPhone 5 launch in December 15th last year.

Globe iPhone 5CGlobe iPhone 5S

Smart iPhone 5C

Smart iPhone 5S

As usual, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications still have to provide official pricing details; but right now, both telcos have already setup pre-order pages which you can access here (Globe) and here (Smart).

COMELEC Launches Election Information Website and App

The Commission on Elections, through the office of its official spokesperson, just recently launched a dedicated website and mobile application for its election related information and education efforts. This aims to empower the electorate for this coming May elections and make everything about it easily accessible nationwide.

Christened “E-Leksyon 2013,” this free website and its mobile application were the brainchild of the COMELEC and an idealistic group of developers called Bitoopi from Smart Communications, Inc. and sanctioned by the same. This team of young programmers developed and donated the service to the COMELEC of their own volition. This will fast-pace the information campaign of the COMELEC this coming election.


Features of the mobile app highlights how sample ballots are filled out through simulation. This will definitely aid voters on the proper way to fill out, particularly shading on, the ballot forms. Once they are familiarized with shading, the burden is considerably lessened because feeding the forms into the machine becomes the single challenging task left of what voters should do. And that’s a big relief.

Moreover, the website contains the relevant COMELEC rules for campaigning to inform voters in case they note any violations committed by any electoral party. It also has information about where the nearest precinct is for reporting such violations, or uploading violations reports and photos. When a report is uploaded and sent, COMELEC issues a validation code to the complainant for proper ID. COMELEC will publish online only validated ones. The site will be accessible with any Internet enabled devices through this address:

Globe, Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid and Prepaid Plan Registration, Up Now!

Following Apple’s announcement for the iPhone 5 launch here in the Philippines comes December 14th, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications both announced today that it will also offer the latest iOS-rocking smartphone on the same date. Though both telcos still have to release its official Plan pricing details, its pre-order…

Globe Telecom Beats SMART on NTC’s Network Benchmark Test

We got an interesting news here folks. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) conducted a network benchmark tests just recently and the study showed which telco truly offers high quality service to its subscribers. The benchmarks, which include Grade of Service, Drop Call Rate, Call Set Up Time, Average Signal Quality, and Average Receive Signal Level from both Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, are all compared against NTC Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) standards.

In a nutshell, the results showed that Globe Telecom beats Smart, specifically on “Grade of Service” benchmark as the former scored nearly 4.45% while Smart was rated at 9.95%. NTC’s standard for Grade of Service is set at 4%, which means Globe is close to hitting that target.

Except for the Average Receive Signal Level, both telcos performed within the acceptable level of the other 3 standards. Interestingly enough, this includes the Drop Call Rate benchmark in which Globe and Smart was rated at parity. Such result made Globe Telecom confident into saying that “the results belie the claims made by Smart in its multi-million negative advertising campaigns pointing out drop calls and difficulty in making calls within the Globe legacy network.

Open Letter to Smart Communications Inc.: Please Don’t Let Smartbro / myBro Sucks!

Dear Smart Broadband Inc., First, my apologies for the term. I can’t seem to find a better word to describe my disappointment of your broadband service, which you failed to fix since I raised my concern several months ago. I am referring to your Smartbro canopy product, now better known…

Smart LTE Plan Sets You at Php 3500 for 10GB Data

Over a week ago, it has been tipped off that the official launch of Smart Communications 4G LTE service is imminent comes August 25th. The date was confirmed then through Smart’s official Facebook page last week, with the telco saying the first and much-anticipated commercial LTE service in the country will be launched officially at the Resorts World Manila, beginning 1PM on August 25th, Saturday. The event is open-invite so everybody got a chance to witness the highlights right when Smart kick off the event.

But don’t you get all excited, folks. Smart is pushing LTE service in select locations in the country, but the initial availability would be in Metro Manila only. Smart has already tested the service in key cities in the southern part of the country as well, specifically in Davao and Cebu, yet the commercial availability on these cities has still to be announced. I’m inclined to believe though Smart’s commercial LTE service won’t launch here in the South until 2013. And I’d bet all my cards for that wild guess! But yeah, I wish Smart will get me surprised!

Smart Communications May Offer The New iPad; But Don’t Expect Much of the LTE Connectivity Just Yet

Following Apple’s announcement of The New iPad few days ago, Smart Communications had issued a press release saying it “welcomes the announcement of the New iPad which features high-speed connectivity on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology”.

And speaking of the Philippine launch of the tablet, SMART, through its Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando B. Vea, “believes that the New iPad could be made available locally sooner than expected”, apparently because SMART has a working LTE network in the country. Well, yes; SMART has a working LTE network in some parts of the Philippines, but I’m personally not convinced The New iPad will be launched sooner because the country already has a working LTE network. Is LTE support really a main selling point of The New iPad?

The New iPad

Though SMART didn’t clearly state its network will support such LTE-capable tablet, I personally found the presser horribly deceptive ‘coz it could mislead an ordinary Joe to believe once he gets The New iPad, the LTE connectivity will work with SMART out of the box. With SMART lacking important information on its website about its LTE network, at this point, I’m inclined to believe LTE connectivity of The New iPad won’t work here in the Philippines. Read on for more why I said that…

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Smart Bro Rocket Chic!

2012 is definitely my year as I’m going to be a married man, but while we’re busy prepping for the big day at the later part of this quarter – I’m thinking of another presents that I can give to my, um, fiancée comes Valentine’s Day. Mobile internet connection essentially complements on how we do our job these days and Smart’s new offering could be one of the perfect gift ideas.

In any case you haven’t heard about it yet, Smart Communications is offering a limited edition of its “4G” broadband dongle, the Smart Bro Rocket Chic. There’s nothing new here though as far as internet speed is concerned since this is just the same device as the Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It we’ve seen a couple of months ago. What you’ll like is the stylish design that would certainly appeal to most women – its “glossy pink acrylic finish” and the “sliding USB plug allows the device to disguise itself as a regular cosmetic product or even a piece of jewelry”.

Samsung GALAXY Nexus Heading to SMART, Pre-Order Up Now!

The world’s first handset to carry Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is heading to SMART. Pre-order begins today until next Friday, January 27th; and the handset is available for pick-up beginning January 28th.


The Samsung GALAXY Nexus is among today’s best high-end Android handsets rocking a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB RAM, up to 32GB of internal storage, 5MP AF shooter capable of recording 1080p videos, and 1850mAh battery – all of these packed in a slim 8.94mm profile.

Smart Communications is Also Imposing Bill Cap to Data Plans

SMART announced just recently that it’s also imposing its new “anti-bill shock feature” to selected data plans that aims to end unexpected mobile internet charges to postpaid subscribers.

Those who are subscribed to Smart Data Lite 500, 800, 1000, and iPhone Plans 999 and 2499 will have a bill capped at Php 1,200 on top of its monthly service fee. To put this into perspective, iPhone Plan 999 subscribers for example will be allocated 250MB worth of data consumable every month.

Trio 20, Yet Another Offer from SMART and Sun Cellular Merger

PLDT-owned Smart Communications and the recently acquired Sun Cellular, together with Talk ‘N Text, launched another voice and SMS package, this time for prepaid subscribers. Called Trio 20, for just Php20 a day – prepaid subscribers of SMART, Sun, and TNT will enjoy sending 200 texts and a total of 15-minute voice calls across the three networks.

To avail the service, just text TRIO20 to 2477, either from any SMART, Sun, or TNT number.

iPhone 4S is Heading to SMART; But Why is it Not Listed in Apple Website Like Other Carriers?

Apple is still yet to publish official press release of the upcoming launch of iPhone 4S here in the Philippines and in other countries comes December 16th, but its partner carriers and retailers from these countries have already made the announcement ahead of the official release date. Brazil, Russia, Taiwan,…

Smart Communications iPhone 4S Release Date: December 16, 2011! Register Your Interest Now!

It’s official! Smart Communications will also offer the much anticipated iPhone 4S here in the Philippines! In fact, the MVP-led telco in the country is now accepting registration of interest for the iPhone 4S. Oh yes, Smart unveiled it today as well; right after Globe Telecom pulled the trigger of…