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Top Philippine Universities and Colleges

This is 4ICU or 4 International Colleges & Universities’ list of the Top Universities and Colleges in the Philippines based on the 2009 Web Popularity Ranking.

4ICU is an international higher education search engine and directory reviewing world-wide accredited Universities and Colleges.

Top 10 Philippine Universities and Colleges are:

1. University of the Philippines – Diliman
2. University of the Philippines System
3. De La Salle University
4. University of Santo Tomas
5. Centro Escolar University
6. University of the Philippines – Los Baños
7. University of the Philippines – Manila
8. Asian Institute of Management
9. University of San Carlos
10.University of the Philippines in the Visayas

The top 10 Philippine Universities and Colleges above were scraped from I looked over the ranking and extracted all Cebu-based Universities and Colleges. The Top 10 Cebu Universities and Colleges are:

1. University of San Carlos
2. University of San Jose-Recoletos
3. University of Cebu
4. Cebu Doctor’s University
5. Southwestern University
6. Cebu Normal University
7. University of Southern Philippines Foundation
8. Cebu Institute of Medicine
9. Cebu State College of Science and Technology
10. Cebu Institute of Technology

What do you think about this ranking?

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  1. Guest Guest

    act sucks…….

  2. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    How did you say so?

  3. Hannah Hannah

    ACT is a good and competitive IT school here in Cebu. What school are you?

  4. Carolinian Carolinian

    Waahhh… USC is the BEST school in Cebu! CIT and ACT always sucks!!!

  5. paraluman paraluman

    CNU, number 6? are you sure with this?? i think it should be on the 2nd place… and also USJR, mayb 2nd or 3rd..xD

  6. Guest Guest

    USC is always the best school, only dr students sucks. . .

  7. waaa waaa

    mao jud…kaysa ACT ug CIT

  8. Guest Guest

    if u talk about Medicine, CIM is no doubt number one.

  9. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Paraluman: Yeah, based on 4ICU web popularity – Cebu Normal University is number 6. Thanks for your comment…

  10. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Paraluman: Yeah, based on 4ICU web popularity – Cebu Normal University is number 6. Thanks for your comment…

  11. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    There is no doubt for the University of San Carlos to be on the top spot. Remember that USC College of Engineering is the lone Philippine university member of the School on the Internet-Asia (SOI-Asia) which is a consortium of 15 universities situated in 11 countries across Asia. It can be noted also that the Philippines was the first to be connected to the Internet at the 1st International E- mail conference held at USC in March 1994.

  12. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Being one of the pioneering school for medical courses, maybe you are right.

  13. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    Hannah, maybe you are right. But based on, ACT is not on the top 10 based on web popularity. Bdw, I'm a product of CITE Technical Institute, Inc. And currently belong to Cebu Institute of Technology. Thanks for the comment and don't forget to vote for the best Cebu University and College. The poll is on the sidebar of this page.

  14. Kenneth Kenneth

    ah grabe… d ko motoo no. 6 ra ang CNU…

  15. shadow shadow

    pansin qoh uh ung nauna puro d2 xa manila since based from 4ICU, ung pangalawa puro sa Cebu, since based from Cebu..supposedly dpt mixed cla or balance or depends on its original ratings…pero kung tutuusin dpt my category based on courses d b?…
    kasi kung by school lng… malay b ng student na hindi maganda magtake ng gnung coure xa skul n un…

  16. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    I didn't consider or include any guidelines such as specific courses, etc. It's only a poll in which my visitors can select what they think the best school here in Cebu. The comments here will be summarized the time I post the result of the poll. The summary will include the reasons why people vote for a particular school. One reason also why I didn't categorize every school, simply because I want that all popular schools here in Cebu will be included on the list. It's up to my visitors which school they "HONESTLY" believe to be the best.

  17. Bert Padilla Bert Padilla

    @Kenneth: When I extracted all Cebu-based Universities and Colleges, It happened that CNU is actually no. 6 based on web popularity. I am not sure how 4ICU did that thing. If you believe CNU would be on top, I don't think you would not vote for CNU on the poll located on the sidebar of this page.

  18. janjan can janjan can

    Share lang ko guys, out of 20 branches in RCBC Cebu, 13 are all Josenian Graduates who are Business Branch Manager..

    wala na sa popularity, sa mga naay licensed, sa school.. what matter most is the competent and the skills sa real world industry.


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