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Latest Viber Update Finally Brings Video Calling to iOS and Android!

Viber has been around for almost four years now, and was initially aimed to be Skype’s direct competition. Since then, the popular cross-platform Instant Messaging app decided to stick with free calling, text messaging, images, video, and audio media exchanges. But, things are finally about to change as Viber rolled out an update just recently for iOS and Android devices that lets users enjoy video calls with the app.

The Viber 5.0 update is worth 44.6 MB on iOS devices and is also available for Android via the Google Play. Once installed, the app finally lets users perform video calls to people on their Viber contact list, as well as other Viber users on Windows and OS X.


In addition to the Video Call feature, Viber also added unique Quick Response (QR) codes ala Blackberry Messenger that users can easily share to their friends without having to give out their personal numbers associated with their Viber accounts. Also, Viber added a QR code scanner using your phone’s camera, so you can easily scan your friend’s unique QR code in adding them to your Viber contacts.


Finally, Viber 5.0 for mobile adds an easier way to manage your favorite sticker packs and an easier way in forwarding photos for iOS users. Android users on the other hand will have to wait for another minor update rolling out real soon to enjoy this small, but more convenient way of expressing themselves as it is still being redesigned.

To get Viber 5.0 for iOS, click here. For Android users, click here.

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