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Video Call Facebook Friends Right on Skype

Back in July, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows users to video call friends right on the social networking site.

As we knew it, the service is powered by Skype and it’s one among the great features ever made to Facebook. And now, with the latest beta version of Skype, video calling to Facebook friends becomes even easier as you can already do it right from within Skype.

Video calling Facebook friends from within Skype is available both in Mac (Skype 5.4 Beta) and Windows (Skype 5.7 Beta), and Skype says it also added additional features “including video rendering giving a smoother video experience for Mac users”. Windows users with Premium subscription will now experience group screen sharing, a feature which originally first become available only for Mac users.

A video featuring Facebook integration and Facebook video chat within Skype follows after the break.

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