There’s not one cougar to be found in 24’s dynamic eighth season, and that’s good news for everyone- especially those FOX 24 fanatics.
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After Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) saved Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) from the assasination plot on 24 Season 1, after infiltrating a terrorist organization that was planning to detonate a dirty bomb in the City of Angels (LA) on 24 Season 2, after he brokered a deal involving drug kingpin Ramon Salazar (Joaquim de Almeida) just to infiltrate a terrorist threat of a lethal virus that could wipe out much of US population on 24 Season 3, after saving the US Secretary of Defense James Heller (William Devane) and his new lover Audrey Raines (Kim Raver) from being kidnapped on 24 Season 4, after he solved a mysterious conspiracy that led the US President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) into prison on 24 Season 5, after discovering the involvement of his own father Philip Bauer (James Cromwell) and brother Graem Bauer (Paul McCrane) as co-conspirators on 24 Season 6, and after having worked with the first female US President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) while Jack Bauer was being questioned in the Senate after the CTU was decommissioned on 24 Season 7- Jack Bauer is back on the most awaited 24 Season 8!

The recommissioned, remodeled Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) has its new headquarter in New York City.

24 fanatics can watch 24 Season 8 Premiere on FOX– Sunday Jan.17 9/8c. Episodes 1-2 will be aired on Jan.17, and the Episodes 3-4 will be aired on the following night. For those who can’t watch 24 Season 8 Premiere Episodes, you can also watch it online for free HERE!

Meanwhile, Watch this 24 Season 8 Trailer “Survive”.

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