After the official launching of Bing as Microsoft’s new search engine, a lot of speculations arises on what is gonna happen next in the Search Engine market.

Less than a week after its official release, it has surpasses Yahoo! based on Statcounter Global Stats; but according to Hitwise Top 20 Sites and Engines, Bing is still trailing Google and Yahoo! both on the combined ranks based on volume of searches and visits. Figures show that Google is still the king of search but why is it that Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin is concerned enough about the possible lose to Bing.

A recently published article on New York Post says that Sergey Brin is so rattled about the launch of Microsoft’s Bing that he’s leading a team of top engineers to work on urgent upgrades on Google Web service… In my opinion, this is basically to uncover its rival’s crucial search algorithm. Whatever it is, it has definitely something to do with the competitition.

Sergey Brin is not alone on his quest. There are webmasters out there who may also be interested on the search algorithm of Bing. However, Carolyn Miller of Microsoft responded on the Q and A from Bing and adCenter Advertisers blog saying:

“We have made numerous improvements to our algorithm, focusing on spelling, freshness of results, and core ranking. Our algorithm is changing continuously to provide the best results. Although we have a six month release cycle for major updates, our algorithm is refined everyday to improve the relevance of our results and to better address our users’ intent.”

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