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What You Need to Know About Globe GoSurf

With the announcement of Globe’s partnership with the global commercial music streaming service provider Spotify more than a month ago during the latter’s official launch in the country, the deal hinted a new mobile data plan scheme for the network.

Globe GoSurf

The new mobile data plan scheme dubbed as GoSurf, made its first debut when Globe announced the Globe Galaxy Forever Plan held last April 3, 2014. And now, the GoSurf plan is officially replacing Globe’s SuperSurf data plans. Catch everything you need to know about Globe’s new GoSurf after the break.

The move by Globe on introducing a new data plan scheme for new subscribers is in lieu of the whole issue on the Fair Usage Policy they implemented for the SuperSurf 999 Unlimited Data plan.

The new GoSurf plan comes in different denominations, each with their own corresponding amount of consumable data and validity dates.

GoSurf Prepaid

Prepaid subscribers have 11 plans to choose from, starting for as low as Php 10 per day for a 10 MB worth of mobile data, while Postpaid subscribers can choose from 10 GoSurf plans.


Unlike the SuperSurf 999 Unlimited data plan that came with a 1 GB/day or 3 GB/month data cap, GoSurf lets users get up to 15 GB worth of data per month, granted that users are willing to pay to up to Php 2499 for it.

Once Postpaid subscribers consume their MB (or GB) allocation per month, users will be charged Php 2/MB in excess whereof. Globe promises a No Bill Shock guarantee of Php 3,000 for GoSurf Plans 1799 and 2499, and Php 1,500 for GoSurf Plans 99 to 999, protecting users from sky-high data charges on their monthly bill.

What’s great is that all GoSurf plans come with a free, separate Spotify MB allocation, for music streaming with the application.

And to clear off the minds of current Postpaid subscribers under a SuperSurf plan, no changes will be made to your accounts until your contract expires and you opt to re-contract with Globe.

What do you think about Globe’s new GoSurf data plans? Is it good replacement for the SuperSurf 999 data plan? Let us know by hitting us up on the comment section below. 🙂


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