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10 Best iOS 7 Camera Tips for iPhoneographers

The iPhone is certainly a powerful tool that gets us through a busy day. It has replaced most of the conventional stuff in our bags – organizers, notebooks, pen, wallet, etc. And we can never deny that the iPhone has made a huge impact on the platform where the Digital Cameras and Micro Four Thirds were once royalties – Photography.


Admit it or not, we carry our iPhones everywhere to document our lives and share it to Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram where the Apple-made smartphone is the most-used camera. And with the advent of iOS 7, the camera app has never been exciting for iPhoneographers. Today, we’re listing some iPhone camera’s tips and tricks that you may have not known since you upgraded with the flashy iOS 7.

1. The New Photos App

Starting with the pretty basic, your Photo app is pretty intuitive. And if you haven’t noticed, you can go down the memory lane because the app categorizes your photos by Years, Collections and Moments. (Photo> Years > Collections > Moments), you can also share multiple photos in Moments by clicking Share > Share this moment.

Photo App 2 (Revised)

2. Panorama and Video

Are you tired of digging pictures and videos in your pre-iOS 7 Camera Roll? Both Panorama and Video now have their respective folders under Albums. Launch the Photos App and hit the Album tab to get access to both Panorama and Videos.

3. Get a Panorama Lockscreen

Speaking of Panorama, you can set a panorama photo taken from your device as lockscreen wallpaper. You will have a flashly wide-angle effect in your lockscreen once you move your device. Go to Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness > My Panoramas to set your desired lockscreen wallpaper.

But before anything else, you have to activate your parallax effect to enjoy this cool feature. Turn on your reduce motion by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.

Panorama and Burst Shot

4. Take Instagram-ready photos

Square photos are the new trend in online photo sharing since Instagram gained popularity. To get photos in square proportion, launch the Camera app and swipe to the right. Panorama can also be accessed thru swiping further to the right.

5. Use different filters

Do Instagram filters cutting you off as we speak? Or are you too tired of downloading another third party app to have different set of filters? Try hitting the Edit option in your moments to enjoy different iOS 7 filters and other photo editing functions.


6. Pinch-to-Zoom your videos

Yes, you’ve read it right. Most of us have seen the light of the day when video zooming graced our iPhone’s camera. You can zoom in and out using the usual pinch gesture in your camera app.

7. Record videos using Slo-mo

This feature is device-centric. As of this writing, only iPhone 5s users could record high definition videos (720p) in 120 fps (frame-per-second) slo-mo speed. You can also choose frames that you want to play in slo-mo – that’s four times slower than the normal speed. Launch the Camera app and swipe further left for Slo-mo.

8. The new Edit function

The Edit function is now integrated with the Photos app. It includes brand new editing tools like rotate, add filters together with red-eye, crop and enhance.

Edit Photo

9. Make insane burst photos

Isn’t it amazing that you can now capture 10 photos in one second? Of course, you can hold the down capture button in the Camera app or just the plain volume button. You will never miss those “must-photograhed” moments once again. Plus, you can also create a movie when you import these burst shots to iMovie.

10. Use volume down button to Autofocus

You can also use the volume up button to pull up the familiar autofocus function. Though I had a hard time testing this feature (I always ended up in executing consecutive shots). The trick here is to slightly push the volume up button just like what you do in your point-and-shoot cameras.

So that’s pretty much it for our 10 Best iOS 7 Camera Tips for iPhoneographers. This time, we want you to share your iOS 7 camera experience. There’s a comment section below, we’re eager to know your iPhoeneography tips and tricks.


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