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10 Awesome Things at Microsoft’s #Windows10 Event

It is very undeniable that Microsoft Windows is the most popular and most used Operating System out there, with more than 90% of Desktop OS market share according to Net Applications.

Windows 10

And now, the Redmond, Washington based American multinational corporation Microsoft announced (and previewed) the latest, upcoming release of the much loved Windows Operating System that’s got everybody excited for this year — Windows 10.

Overall, Windows 10 pretty much could be the most exciting thing that’s happened to Windows since Windows 7 — it’s a better looking Windows 8 with a lot of new features and improvements that has got a lot of people pumped up for its release said to happen later this year.

Now in line with this, we are counting down 10 of the awesome things we can all expect to see from Windows 10 this year.

#1 Better UI, Same Old Start Menu

Image Courtesy of The Verge

With Windows 8, Microsoft tried to make the same User Interface work for both PCs and portables. Expect to still see that with Windows 10, but this time with better tweaks and touches that brings one cohesive user interface experience not just between PCs and tablets, but this time, also with mobile phones. Plus, Windows 10’s start menu expands to a full screen that looks like Windows 8’s home screen, complete with Live Tiles.

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