20 Trivias on the Philippine Internet in 20 years

20 Trivias on the Philippine Internet in 20 years

Yesterday marked the 20th year of the Internet in the country. A lot has happened over the past 20 years with the Internet connecting Filipinos to the world with just simple taps and clicks. The country was even named as the “Social Media Capital of the World”. 


Join us here in CTB as we count 20 Trivias on the Philippine Internet in 20 years.

Early Internet days in the Country

1. The first time the Philippines got linked to the world through the Internet was on March 29, 1994 (at 1:15 am) through a Cisco 7000 router in Makati via a 64K serial connection made between PLDT and SprintLink in Stockton, California.

2. During the same day, at exactly 10:18 am, Syracuse University Professor EmeritusDr. John Brule used the words “We’re in” to announce that the 64K serial connection was indeed live, during the First International E-mail Conference held at the University of San Carlos in Talamban, Cebu.

3. But, it was way back in August 1986 when the first Philippine-based public access BBS (Bulletin Board System) went live with a subscription fee of Php 1,000 per annum.

4. FebNet, owned by Jonathan Marsden’s made their private e-mail service open to the general public in 1991.


A Bunch Full of Firsts


5. The first Educational institution in the country to have their own website is the De La Salle University.

6. Cyber Cebu Inc is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South Cebu.

7. It was the late Senator Raul Roco to be the first Philippine Senator to have his own .com website. But, Senator Chiz Escudero is the first politician in the country to have ever launched an election campaign through a live chat conference in February 2007.


8. For job seekers, the first dedicated Job Seeking website in the country is Trabaho.com. The site is still live up to date, but most people nowadays use more famous ones like Jobstreet and JobsDB.

Image Courtesy of Crunchbase

9. Before Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp and all the other free Mobile IM service we know today, there’s Chikka Messenger. Launched way back in 2001, Chikka was the first Filipino company to have offered Internet and Mobile phone based IM service.

10. The first Philippine website for women is the FemaleNetwork.com, while CandyMag.com is the first Philippine website for teenagers.

11. Everyone’s favorite online based payment system, PayPal, accepted Philippine-based users back in 2006.

12. First food site that allows online orders was Magoo’s Pizza way back in 1996.


13. Dubbed as the “The World’s Coolest Word Game” on Facebook, Wordtrotter is actually created by Filipino Gil de Palma. The game was launched last November of 2009.

14. ILOVEYOU Virus, one of the world’s most virulent computer virus, caused over $5.5-8.7 billion in damages worldwide back on and after May 5, 2000. It was said to be programmed by two Filipinos, Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman. They were arrested and was held in quest before the DOJ after a series of NBI Investigations. Charges were dropped later on, since the country has no law against programing malwares back then.



2011 AGB Nielsen Philippine Internet Statistics

15. 52% of Filipinos owns a computer with a high speed internet connection at home.


16. 24% of Filipinos access the Internet through their mobile devices atleast once a day, and 56% intends to have mobile data service within the next 12 months.

17. 64% of Filipino online shoppers resorts to social media on helping them with decision making.


Modern Day Internet

18. Current Broadband service providers in the country are: BayanDSL, ComClark, Eastern Telecoms Philippines, Globe Telecom, PLDT, Sky BroadBand, Smart Communications, Smartlink Technologies, Sun Cellular and Wi-Tribe.


19. Among the 10 service providers, only PLDT and Globe Telecom offers Fiber to the home service. PLDT’s Fibr service goes as fast as 100 Mbit/s and costs around Php 20,000 a month, while Globe’s Tattoo Torque goes as fast as 150 Mbit/s for Php 25,000.

20. Sky Broadband on the other hand offers an Ultra High Speed internet plan at 200 Mbps, for a whooping Php 35,000 a month.



Do you also have interesting trivias about the Internet in the country? Let us know by leaving word on the comment section below. 🙂


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