Lenovo Philippines To Launch IdeaPad U300e, Priced at Php 50K!

Lenovo is set to release the first batch of its IdeaPad U300e ultrabook here in the Philippines by end of this month.

The IdeaPad U300e, first seen on the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the affordable sibling of last year’s IdeaPad U300s. The IdeaPad U300e is speculated in several regions to be very much cheaper than its predecessor, but that’s not going to be the case even here in the Philippines as the presser we got says Lenovo put it a price tag of Php 49,995 – just Php 6K less than U300s’ official SRP. Nevertheless, it appears the U300e’s still competitive in today’s ultrabooks as it packs hardware specs that include Intel’s 2nd generation Core-i5 chip with HD 3000 graphics, a 4GB RAM, a hybrid 500GB HDD and 32GB SSD storages, and of course the slim form-factor. (more…)

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Nokia’s First Windows Phones to Launch in Philippines Next Month!

If there’s a strong indication that Nokia will launch its first Windows Phones in the Philippines next month, it’s probably the country’s two biggest telcos – Globe Telecom and Smart Communications.

Globe Telecom is now accepting pre-orders, exclusively, for the higher-end Nokia Lumia 800, in which the handset will be available for Php 1,499 a month (bundled with Unli Surf Combo Plan 999) via credit card (0% interest for 24-month payment installment). For a complete postpaid pricing, you may check this link.

Smart Communications on the other hand is offering the lower end Nokia Lumia 710, exclusively. Pre-order is on-going and you can get it through Smart’s Special Edition Data Plan 1000. Don’t get yourself too excited with this particular plan though as it’s a bit tricky (and perhaps misleading?) ‘coz you probably won’t just pay Php 1000 upfront, but rather Php 1,450 per month! Confused? Check this link and look at the screen shot below. (more…)

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Tying the Knots!

It has been more than a week now since my last update on this blog, but as some of you probably have already learned – there was something big happened outside CTB. Before I talk more about it (not really that much), allow me to apologize first to those who regularly visited this blog and so those who checked their RSS feeds for latest updates in the past couple of days. Obviously, there’s nothing new here in CTB as I decided to give myself at least 4 days before and after my wedding, enough for a rest and to get everything done even after several weeks of preparations.

And yes, I’m a married man now and I thought it would be great if I’ll share great tips to achieving a successful wedding; but that’s going to be a bit odd given the fact that I’m trying to keep CTB a blog dedicated to anything tech-related only. I couldn’t break that rule once again, though this might also be of the interest of several readers, particularly those who are also planning of getting married in the future. Anyhow, I can always respond to your queries so just leave a comment below if you have something to ask about the wedding. Please note though that it’s best to ask me if you plan of having a wedding in the Philippines, specifically here in Cebu. (more…)

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